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It’s never been easier to get good auto insurance from a reliable and trustworthy company. Instant auto insurance quotes are available on major companies’ websites. You can easily shop the entire market without ever having to speak to a salesperson. The third-largest company in America claims that “fifteen minutes will save you 15%”. They assume you have to type slowly and therefore they are conservative with your savings. You don’t have to visit one site to decide. In fact, it takes very little time to visit all the sites, which will give you optimal coverage at minimal rates.

Do it yourself instant auto insurance quote

Sites won’t ask for information that you don’t already have. However, you may need to have a “cheat sheet” that includes your auto license plate numbers and driver’s license numbers. You will also need information about your vehicle, including the current readings on its odometer.

When you fill out the instant auto insurance quote form, you will need to provide information about your vehicle’s custom equipment and accessories. You should be honest, but there is a way to save money. However, your insurance will not protect your custom rims in the event of theft or damage. This applies to your Bluetooth and sound systems as well. Anti-theft devices can save you as much as 10% on your insurance premiums. Install an alarm system and a “kill switch” if you don’t have one. Your insurance savings will cover the cost of installing them.

Before you click, think about what you need and can afford. Do you want roadside assistance or do you want your insurance company to cover a rental car while you wait for your car to be repaired? What amount of protection do you need against uninsured drivers? How high can your deductibles go before you are unable to pay for out-of-pocket costs in the event that you are involved in an accident? It takes a little time to gather information. Your clicking and pointing will go faster and your results will be more precise.

Instant auto insurance quote shows coverage options.

You can legally require less coverage if you own your car in full. Comprehensive and collision coverage are no longer required after you have paid off your loan. The law in most states and provinces only requires you to have liability and uninsured driver coverage. This is the minimum requirement for financial responsibility. The car is protected by other provisions than your wallet.

Experts in auto insurance recommend that you keep full coverage even if you have repaid your debt. Consider whether you could afford to replace the entire vehicle’s cost if it was stolen. Consider the average cost for a collision repair, which is approximately $3000 (US); can you afford that amount?

Get an instant auto insurance quote.

Meredith Blake (a financial analyst at Patterson-Forbes Partners) visited the websites of the top ten American auto insurance companies. Blake evaluated not only the premiums, but also the speed and ease of use of each site. She found that every one of them provided reliable information within ten minutes. Blake was able to get instant quotes from all ten insurance companies in less than an hour. “Amazingly simple!” Blake exclaimed after the test was over.