Low Rate Car Insurance – Tips For Beating A Speeding Ticket

A speeding ticket is one of the fastest ways to raise your car insurance rates. Many people drive faster than the speed limit and react like they did nothing wrong. People forget to remember that they signed a contract when they first received their license. It stated that they would not “try” to obey traffic laws whenever it was convenient but that they would follow them 100% of every time. We all make mistakes. There are many ways to reduce the chances of being pulled over for speeding. Here are some tips to help you deal with the possibility of getting a speeding ticket.

Act Unassuming

When dealing with an officer, judge or other official, it is important to remain humble and unassuming. You are charged with a violation regardless of whether you are guilty. Being arrogant and bold can have adverse consequences. You must act serious and confident to show that you take the speeding ticket seriously. You may be given a speeding ticket if you behave as if the victim and act in a flippant manner.

Tell the truth

A key tip to beating a speeding ticket? Tell the truth. You may be thinking about how badly you want your car insurance rates to go up and points against your license. But don’t let that lead you to tell a lie. You can be sure that the police officer will catch you if your lies are twisted quickly. It’s his word against mine. So, keep it honest and say things like “I didn’t know I was speeding” or “I honestly didn’t see that sign lowering my speed limit.”

Keep your story alive

When you are trying to beat a speeding ticket, it is crucial that you stick to your story. You can’t tell the police that you forgot that 45 is the speed limit. If you then tell them that 45 was the speed limit, they will see inconsistency in what you are saying. You can keep your story straight if you are clear about the facts.

Be Courteous

It is important to treat an officer with respect. This may help you get a warning rather than a ticket. Even if you are given a ticket, thanking the officer for his work may be a way to help you in court. You will receive a ticket for being disrespectful to an officer. If you contest the ticket, it will likely be enforced. Although it’s cliché, officers are, in the main, just doing their job. Officers can have bad days and good days, just like everyone else. This should be considered when you communicate with them.

If you’re aware of what you’re doing, it is possible to get away with a warning rather than a speeding ticket. It will increase your chances of not being issued a ticket, but it is up to the officer or judge to decide if you contest the result. Sometimes there is no way out. However, you can still do your best and try. Although it can be useful to know how to handle a speeding ticket, you are responsible for doing what is right and having the self-control necessary to keep your promise to your license holder. If you are caught, accept responsibility and not play the victim. By adhering to the law, you can avoid this situation and prevent you from having to pay higher car insurance rates or points on your license due to your driving.