Luv-Lite – Must We All Obey the Unwritten Rules for Luv-Lite?


Over the last few decades, a world culture of alienation developed and now holds humanity captive. It is like a fish in the water. But you don’t know it.

This was twenty years ago. The emphasis on psychology, personal growth, and popular spirituality on self-help, personal power, individual and spiritual autonomy, creating one’s own paths, alarm me. Guess what? All that I had predicted back then was realized. This article is a wakeup call about where these trends have taken us.

Created official fears that are victims

The beliefs that dominated popular culture twenty years ago have influenced the values of the current generation. They value independence and self-protection to a dangerous extreme. Everyone is now afraid of relationships. Not officially. We are afraid of losing our center, becoming dependent on others, being overly influenced or depleted by other people’s thoughts and feelings. In close relationships, however, there is a natural tendency to desire, which blurs our boundaries and triggers all of the official fears.

People who are afraid do things that can hurt others. Fearful people are more likely to run away or lash out. Running away is just as painful as lashing out. Although they might run away to protect themselves and you, they will also run away from and. This would be considered abandonment and rejection. It hurts!

The cycle of victimization goes on. Culture is afraid of its victims. Fearful people are cruel to each other. Their victims retreat as a response. They either retreat inwardly and leave the relationship, or hide within relationships. They don’t know what to do.

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People who are afraid of other people

The bottom line is that people who are scared or hurt relate to others in ways that can hurt and scare them. Relationships are often difficult. Love is not always easy. In close relationships, people who are scared often fight and end up breaking up. You can either break up or clam down. Why go there? Why would you take this risk? It’s no surprise that the majority of people avoid relationships or minimize closeness .

What’s happening? Fear and alienation have been a result of a culture that is empowerment-oriented, self-centered, and empowerment-oriented. Fear and alienation have led to a lot dysfunction and miscommunication in relationships. No surprise, dysfunction and malfunction have led to a lot more conflict, painful relating and painful breakups. Relationships have become unstable, unpredictable, and unreliable.

We have learned from our painful experiences and the relationships that we see all around us that it is a wise decision to live far away from our friends .

Avoidance of relationships as a standard operating procedure

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Many adaptations of our culture are based on social fear. This is a presumption that social relationships are dangerous and that social fulfillment is impossible. These patterns are so widespread that we don’t see any problem with them. Avoidance of relationships is what people do. It’s what they expect and what they accept. This is what people have grown accustomed to, what they insist on, and what they make in their lives.

Relationships in this social environment aren’t very wordy. Or, if they are still wordy, the ritualized parts of the relationship will be kept. While we go over the same ground repeatedly, we don’t get into the heart of the relationship or one another. Our significant others are less involved in our conversations. Instead, we create a series of structured agreements about what to say and what to avoid. These unspoken agreements are our ground rules. Communication-lite is the result (which could be the topic of a future blog).

Social networking has brought forth a new generation of social-lites

Many people will object strenuously if I tell them that “Relationships are going to the way of dinosaurs”. What do you mean? My friends are all in my database! I have friends in Tampa, Baton Rouge and Uruguay, as well as a friend in Phoenix. How can you claim that I don’t have friends or avoid relationships?

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“And I’m no exception. Look at all the social networking sites on the internet. Every day, people meet new friends through web social networking. You might have noticed that relationships are on the upswing. It’s virtual love! It’s a virtual revival of love!

Absolutely! That is a trend I have noticed. It’s called “social-lite”, which is a social life that’s less filling and less nutritious. This means you can have more of it, but at a fraction the cost. Social-lite is almost free. It is not true good for your health.

Relationships are not thriving to my knowledge. It seems that many people are living by the unwritten rules social-lite . This is why I don’t see relationships flourishing.

Qualifying for Social-Lite

You can easily tell when you meet someone who is a good prospect for a relationship. All the positive vibes and warm intros will help you recognize them. You can also identify them by their love (“loving”) as defined by the social-lite standards for love, luv lite. They are easy-going, which is another distinguishing feature. They are open to virtual relationships and have an unlimited allowing attitude. They are open to allowing others unlimited space and support each other in their individual paths. You can see a potential for a relationship with such people without any expectations or implications.

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It’s more than a promise

The promise of infinite space doesn’t just exist as an empty promise; it is also an empty reality. Social-lites actually give each other infinite space. One may disappear for four years, then come back. “Yo! “I got busy.” The other person responds, “Yeah, I got busy.” It happens to all of us, so don’t be too worried. ;-)” All social-lite perfect: no guilt tripping, no expectations, no recriminations — no nothing. It’s all preapproved and accepted. This is infinite space, and the allowing thereof. Infinite space, infinite allowing and infinite independence allow for infinite “you can go your own way, and I’ll follow mine.” This allows for endless relationships because there is never a reason to say goodbye. Social-lites rarely say goodbye, they just stop writing. Very neat, tidy, and free of any problems.

Lite workers spread their love-lite around the world

There are even people who make it their mission to spread light and love everywhere. You can love as many people as you like, as fast as your heart can take.

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Luv-lite is perfectly acceptable. It’s why it’s so beloved. It’s not soul-satisfying love, but infinite luv-lite. It has plenty of empty calories but not enough nutrition.

It’s not healthy for the heart. Quality is more important than quantity to the human heart. The human heart craves depth. People try to replace shallow relationships with deep ones. Deep relationships are possible. Love is possible. A large part of the human experience is deep, loving relationships. Everyone can have these!

Who is the best in your love?

A popular song said:

Sweet darlin, I love you so much.

It is truly sad that in relationships-lite, no one can get the best out of anyone. In this context, the true person cannot be given and will not be received. We (and others) don’t get to see how amazing we really are or how wonderful our associates truly are.

However, that’s not what’s really tragic. The real problem is that when someone is socially dysfunctional the best of their love might be light. Smiley faces and virtual huggies might be the best form of their love. If their real-life intimacy is toxic, that would be true. We only hurt those we love. It’s important to keep it simple so that we can be good one another.

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Luvlite adds a new meaninglessness to your life

Luv-lite gives meaninglessness to the concept of luv. Friendship-lite adds a new meaninglessness and value to friendship. People who have a million lite friends will soon realize that they don’t have any real friends. We hope that they will wake up!

Luv-lite is a heavy delusion until then. Friendship-lite is when we call people our closest personal friends, even though they are and not. It is absurd that they are far away . They are so far apart, and the protection and distance that they have built into their relationship is tragic. Or, you could say that the distance would make it tragic if was not wanted . We could claim that, but it’s actually tragic anyway.

dysfunction is what we really are looking at. It’s the unfortunate result of years of being manipulated by propaganda against vulnerability and interdependence. Dysfunction is when you don’t get what you want. This means you don’t have the things you want. It is impossible for people to get the things they want or need in such a chaotic world. They are simply not in this position. This is the result of a dysfunctional world.

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How can a new age social-lite save our world?

How can you make a difference in this world of lack of intimacy and deep communication because of fear?

Love is the only true healer. That is a fact that everyone knows. But relationship can be a barrier to love . The great healing powers of love work through closeness, intimacy and support understanding, feedback, feedback, guidance. These functions cannot be used if there is no relationship. How can we help humanity heal?

To help them overcome their fears, you could suggest blogs. You could also suggest the idea of a direct relationship to God. This will help them not be so afraid of God. Let everyone become little yogis and let that be their way. This is a good idea but God IS love. Love is, in essence, relationship.

Because I’m afraid of people, I don’t believe it’s possible to have a functional relationship with God through the beam-me up path. I don’t trust too much in that beam-me-up approach. People need to heal before they can become hot-shot yogis or grand ascending mystics.

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All God’s manifestations are in fact human beings. In fact, human beings are the channel through which God most often works to heal humans. If we say that we have a relationship to God but don’t have close human relationships, God is deprived of many functions God used in the past for helping us, healing us, instructing us, and even guiding.

We can take human relationships away from God, and force God to communicate in the pure psychic realm with those whose relationship dysfunction has rendered them insensitive, thick, or guarded. What do you have in that situation? God is calling from a dead phone line. People are able to guess what they heard, and make it their “personal truth”. Is that not amazing?

When psychic awareness is not sufficient to permit for effective dialogue with God, the line is crossed. However, this doesn’t mean God or the angels cannot somehow heal us in our dreams, be our companion, and do many other things that can help. Meditation is not enough to meet all of our human needs. We require more precise guidance and more handholding. It is almost impossible to transmit information through a broken psychic line.

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Would anyone come to a revolution if we declared it?

You, friends, have fallen prey to this culture of seperation — a history of fearful and dysfunctional behavior. You can free yourself from this trap by rebelling against social dysfunction and taking responsibility. Don’t run! Don’t hide! Don’t cut off communication! Keep going!

Learn from your mistakes and make an effort to correct them. Then, move on to the next step. Don’t let your negative effects affect you or others. Keep trying! Remain positive and don’t let your emotions get in the way of progress. Keep your heart open. Keep your priorities in mind and prioritize what is important. Real relationship functionality is key; you can heal yourself and the world.

It is impossible to believe that this trend can be reversed in the entire world. I do hope you will resist it and make your own rebel.