Maine car insurance laws


Maine’s car insurance laws are among the strongest in the United States. They have high minimum liability coverage. These levels are 50/100/25. Maine drivers are also required to carry medical payments (medpay) coverage, as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance (UM/UIM) insurance.

Maine’s insurance premiums are low despite the high minimums. The minimum coverage policy in Maine costs $227. This number increases to $782 when you add optional collision and comprehensive coverage.

However, it is important to note that although the minimum coverage levels are quite high, they may not provide sufficient coverage in the event of an accident or mishap. Maine drivers should think about purchasing as much insurance as possible, particularly liability, from an insured who understands their needs.

Maine has laws regarding car insurance

There are many types of coverage that you can purchase from your insurance company to meet Maine’s auto insurance requirements. While you have the option to add additional coverage options to your policy, Maine insurance law requires that you purchase the minimum amount of the following:

  • $50k bodily injury liability per victim, per accident
  • Total bodily injury liability of $100,000 per accident (if more people are injured).
  • $25,000 Property Damage Liability
  • Coverage for Medpay up to $2,000
  • UM/UIM bodily Injury Liability of $50,000 per Person; $100,000 Total per Accident
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Maine has liability insurance

Your liability coverage means that your insurance company is responsible for any medical or other expenses incurred by the passengers or driver in an at-fault crash. Property damage liability means you are responsible for any damage to another person’s vehicle or property, such as a fence, light post, or other similar items.

Medpay covers medical expenses for you and your passengers. If you are in an accident where there is an underinsured or uninsured driver, the UM/UIM coverage kicks into effect.

For example, if another vehicle rear-ends you and causes $40,000 in medical bills, your UM coverage will pay these bills if the driver is driving illegally without a license or if your injuries exceed their coverage limits.

can be used to cover minor injuries and lost wages due to an accident. You may be covered if you’re a pedestrian, cyclist, or are struck by a car. You can buy additional medpay insurance cheaply, even though the minimum is $2,000

Is Maine a state of no-fault?

Maine is not among the 12 U.S. states that are no fault state. Drivers in no-fault states must have personal injury protection (PIP), coverage. If you are at fault, you will apply to your own insurance, not to the company of the other driver.

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Maine allows you to take another driver to court, if necessary.

Driving without insurance in Maine carries a heavy penalty

Maine law requires that you always have proof of your insurance. You could be fined anywhere from $100 to $500 if you fail to show your insurance card as requested by police officers. If you are unable to provide proof of insurance within 30 calendar days, you could face a suspension of your license and/or your registration being revoked.

Maine offers additional options for auto insurance

You can add additional coverage to your policy to meet the Maine minimum requirements for car insurance. These will cost you differently depending on many factors, including your credit history and the age of your vehicle. The following are some common optional coverages:

  • Collision insurance: This provides coverage for your vehicle in the event of an accident that results in damage. This coverage may not be necessary if your car is not valuable, but it’s a good idea to have collision coverage if you have a newer vehicle.
  • Comprehensive: comprehensive covers car damage from non-accidental mishaps like theft or vandalism.
  • Additional medical coverage: This adds additional coverage to your basic medpay. It may only be for a few hundred dollars.
  • Gap insurance Your insurance will pay you a payment based on your car’s value. What if your car loan balance is higher than this? Gap insurance will pay the difference between what you owe and what you claim, so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for the loan.
  • A new car replacement policy: Your insurer will pay you enough money to buy a new car if your car is less than two years old.
  • Ride-sharing coverage Uber and other ride-sharing companies require this coverage. Basic car insurance does not cover business use of a vehicle.
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Questions frequently asked

Which is the best Maine car insurance company?

Many car insurance companies in Maine offer excellent policies at an affordable price. Start your search by visiting our Best Maine Car Insurance Companies list and getting quotes from multiple insurers to find the one that best suits your needs.

Which is the best car insurance in Maine?

There is no one car insurance company with the lowest prices. Your neighbor might get a lower price than you, but the insurer that offers it to you may not offer it to you. Our Cheap Auto Insurance Companies of 2021 page is a good place to begin your search. To find the most affordable quote for you, we recommend that you get several quotes.

What is the best type of insurance for me?

According to insurance professionals, you should purchase as much liability coverage as you can afford. Even though Maine’s minimum requirements for liability insurance are quite high, it is possible that the minimum may not be sufficient to cover all medical expenses in an accident with multiple injuries.

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