Major credit card issuers who provide the best customer service

Credit card issuers need to deliver superior customer service. Furthermore, cardholders expect their card issuers to stand by them during merchant disputes.

American Express came out on top in the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study for high customer service scores and outstanding satisfaction, followed by Discover in second place and Bank of America coming in third.

American Express

American Express is one of the world’s premier credit card issuers, known for their world-class customer service and comprehensive rewards and benefits for their cardholders, such as premium travel and dining privileges. Furthermore, their mobile app makes monitoring spending and making payments simple.

J.D. Power has recognized Capital One as the winner in their U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study 2023 for customer satisfaction, with high marks awarded due to outstanding customer service ranging from 24/7 phone support and secure messaging, to its online chat feature that enables customers to quickly address any issues without needing to call directly into customer support.

American Express was established in 1850 as an international financial services company that provides credit and charge cards, travel-related services and electronic payment products. Headquartered in New York City with global offices including those in America, Canada, UK India and China; merchants pay American Express a fee each time their transaction is processed resulting in significant annual revenue gains for American Express.

American Express customer service often receives criticism over billing issues. Many have reported being placed into collections even though payments were timely made, and others have complained of late fees being assessed even months later for mistakes which were missed initially. American Express prides itself on exceptional customer care, but their representatives can sometimes be difficult to reach.

American Express may charge high annual fees, yet offers some of the industry’s finest credit card customer service. Through their mobile app and dashboard they provide easy access to your credit score as well as track spending habits more closely and track benefits such as travel or retail protection benchmarks as well as access to airport lounges – not to mention free MyCredit Guide accounts that will help manage credit more effectively! Additionally, Amex also offers various travel and retail protection benchmarks as well as premium membership clubs with access to airport lounges.


Discover is both a card network and issuer, giving it greater control over its rewards, benefits and offers than many of its competitors. Founded by Sears in 1985, Discover quickly distinguished itself by charging no annual fee and offering one of the first cash-back credit cards available at that time.

Discover currently offers an assortment of cards aimed at students and secured accounts, known for their low rates and fees. Its top cards offer no annual fees and no late payment penalties – ideal for consumers building or rebuilding credit histories.

Customers have given Discover high marks for its customer service. In the 2023 J.D. Power U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study, Discover tied with Bank of America in terms of overall satisfaction among credit card issuers – their customer service line operates 24 hours a day while there’s also a mobile app enabling customers to monitor accounts, make payments and redeem rewards.

Discover provides its cardholders with not only a free FICO credit score but also provides additional security features not offered by other major issuers. One such feature allows cardholders to freeze their account if they suspect it has been compromised – free of charge and not impacting recurring bill payments, credit balance transfers, merchant-indicated recurring transactions, returned merchandise disputes adjustments credits disputed authorizations delayed authorizations or Discover protection product fees.

Discover is one of the world’s leading credit card issuers, but does not provide as many co-branded cards compared to its larger competitors such as Visa or Mastercard. Additionally, Discover’s international network may hinder certain consumers’ ability to use their cards effectively.

But its excellent customer service and security features have long made it one of the premier card networks among cardholders. Visa and MasterCard both lost lawsuits that went all the way up to the Supreme Court, with neither accepting their request for review. Furthermore, American Express stands alone among major card networks in offering customers account freeze capabilities.


Chase offers a suite of credit cards that will meet most consumers’ needs, from business and consumer cards to checking accounts and an easy online banking experience. Chase scored highly in a 2021 J.D. Power U.S. retail banking satisfaction study for their checking account options which are cost effective yet user friendly.

Chase offers a diverse range of credit card offerings and boasts an outstanding rewards program called Ultimate Rewards, which allows users to redeem points for cash back, statement credits, gift cards and travel rewards. Some cards from this provider offer co-branded programs with airlines or hotels as well as various benefits designed to cater to various spending categories.

Credit One Bank is one of the nation’s premier credit card issuers and has an expansive ATM network. Their mobile app for both Apple and Android platforms makes managing your account convenient on-the-go; furthermore, customer service representatives are trained to respond promptly and efficiently.

when selecting a credit card, it’s essential to carefully consider its terms and fees. Interest rates for different cards can differ widely based on factors like your creditworthiness; usually higher credit scores mean lower rates; however this doesn’t always hold true for everyone.

Credit card issuers tend to charge different rates for cards of similar types, for instance a Chase Freedom Unlimited may charge higher annual fees than its Chase Ink Business Unlimited counterpart; however, it has greater earning potential and covers more expenses than its business equivalent. You can select the ideal Chase credit card by considering your spending habits and comparing its features.

Chase currently offers 33 credit cards tailored for personal, business and student use, including some of the most sought-after travel rewards cards and business cards on the market. Many cards feature sign-up bonuses with affordable annual fees. Before applying for one of Chase’s credit cards it is wise to first check your credit score free on WalletHub before applying.

Bank of America

Bank of America is a widely recognized name that offers credit cards, banking services and more to customers across the globe. Customers can access their accounts online, in person or over the phone – as well as ATMs or branch locations – to withdraw cash or deposit checks. Other products offered by the company include checking and savings accounts, credit card offerings and investment opportunities with some products offering rewards for everyday spending.

Bank of America customer service representatives can often resolve customer concerns over the phone using its automated system that answers questions and distributes calls accordingly. Customers may also utilize Bank of America’s online service to check charges or account activity or schedule an in-person meeting with one of their bankers to discuss any specific concerns that they may have.

Bank of America stands out as an exceptional banking institution with more than 3,900 branches and ATMs nationwide, offering full-service banking options allowing customers to deposit or withdraw money from any location nationwide. Plus, their savings accounts and CDs offer competitive interest rates!

Customers of Bank of America credit cards can use them to make purchases both online and at participating retailers, as well as make payments conveniently using mobile apps. Furthermore, this company offers various rewards programs which give shoppers cash back for every purchase made using its cards.

Bank of America recently paid out over $100 million in restitution and fines following a federal investigation that revealed its violations of consumer financial protection laws. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s findings, consumers were harm by Bank of America double charging overdraft fees, failing to honor promised rewards on credit cards, opening fake accounts without authorization and double charging overdraft fees – similar to Wells Fargo who agreed last year to pay billions due to employee accounts opened without authorisation by Wells Fargo employees opening accounts without authorisation from Wells Fargo employees opening accounts without authorisation from consumers.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alleges that Bank of America used their vast database of personal information to illegally charge millions of customers for overdrafts, credit card rewards, and loans they did not authorize; and withheld promised bonuses explicitly promised to many of its new credit card customers.