Male Teenage Drivers – How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance


Young male drivers are often subject to some of the highest car-insurance premiums. Even low-value vehicles could be charged more than PS3000 for car insurance. Young male drivers will need to be educated about how to lower their car insurance premiums, given the high cost of car insurance and the trend that is unlikely to change.

Young male drivers are viewed as high-risk customers by insurance companies, which is the main reason for high premiums. These drivers are thought to have higher levels of alcohol and illicit drugs exposure, are more likely overcrowd vehicles, are more likely not to pay attention to traffic rules and are therefore more likely to be in an accident.

Although it is evident that not all young drivers are like this, there are many young male drivers who drive safely. However, the premiums for these young men are rising due to the increasing number of reckless and young drivers who are tarnishing the statistics.

These (possibly untrue) assumptions are not the only ones that insurance companies make. There are also other factors they consider when calculating the risk of you and your insurance price. These are the factors you can influence to lower your insurance costs.
Claims & Convictions

You should not be able to make any claims or convictions if you’re a new driver or a young driver. As with any driver, you should not make any claims or receive any convictions.

Your insurance premiums will be higher if you have already filed a claim. You might consider a specialist in young driver insurance like QuoteA, who can offer discounts for younger drivers or high-risk cases.
Keep Your Car Safe

Your premium will drop the less likely you are to have to file a claim. Insurance companies want you keep your car as safe and secure as possible.

Keep your car locked in your garage if possible. This makes it much more difficult to have your vehicle stolen or vandalized. Your premium can be reduced by keeping your car in a driveway, but not leaving it on the roads.

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You can also secure your vehicle by installing an immobiliser and a tracker. These devices can make a significant difference in your premium. However, you need to ensure that your immobiliser and tracker are approved by Thatcham.

This is not something you can do, but it’s something you need to be aware of. Your insurance company will consider the location you live and determine how to price your insurance. To give you an idea of how likely your car is to be stolen or vandalized, they will look at the area’s crime rate. They will assess the crime-rate in the area to give an idea of your car’s chances of being stolen or vandalized.

Young drivers may find the Pass Plus scheme to be one of their best options for saving money on their first vehicle purchase. The Driving Standards Agency runs it. It consists of a short course that provides additional driving training once you pass the standard driving test. It covers all aspects of driving, including city and country driving, motorway driving and dual carriageway driving. It is a great way for you to increase your confidence and skills. Most insurance companies will also discount your premium by up to 40% due to the increased safety knowledge and safety that you will gain. While this is a significant amount of money that you can save, it is important to note that Pass Plus is only available for your first year of driving. You can save even more with the “No Claims Bonus”

Low-risk drivers are given lower insurance rates if they don’t make any claims. They are considered to be a lower risk driver and therefore pay a lower premium. Each year of no claims driving earns you a 1 year No Claims Bonus. These bonuses can help you save a lot of money on your premium. They can reduce your premium by as much as 30% for one year and up to 70% for five years with some insurers. If you receive your Pass Plus certificate, and you do not file any claims in the first year, you will be able to continue saving because you have already earned your first year’s No Claims Bonus.

To save money, many young male drivers still remain on their parents’ insurance policies. While this may be a good option in the short-term, it’s better for young drivers to have their own policy and build up their No Claims Bonus. They will be able to get a substantial discount in a matter of years.

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