Medical Malpractice Insurance For Non Doctors

Doctors are not the only professionals that require medical malpractice insurance, as the insurance industry is trying to keep costs down. Many doctor’s offices now have nurse practitioners available to help patients while the doctor tends to other patients. To reduce the cost of rehabilitation and nursing homes, many people are turning to traveling nurses to care for their patients at home. Physical therapists, counselors, and holistic practitioners like midwives and masseuses all need medical insurance. They are responsible for their patients’ health care. These medical professionals can be sued just like doctors for malpractice.

Nurse Practitioners

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is also known as an Advance Practice Registered Nurse (APRN). This nurse holds a higher degree that a regular Registered Nurse (RN), and can perform many tasks normally performed by a licensed physician. These include ordering tests, analysing test results, and diagnosing certain diseases or conditions. They are also able to provide well-child and prenatal care. In areas where they cannot afford to pay a doctor’s salary or are trying to keep costs down for their patients, nurse practitioners are highly sought after. It is important that nurse practitioners have sufficient malpractice insurance due to the nature of the care they are required to provide.

Traveling nurses

Patients who are recovering from surgery or have regular treatment need a nurse to help them at home. They provide routine care according to the doctor’s instructions. Traveling nurses are usually independent contractors and do not fall under hospital insurance. Although agencies are required to cover their contractors the amount that the hospital has paid, it is not always possible to fully cover the cost of the treatment. There may be disputes about which agency covers the traveling nurse. This could lead to delays in paying legal fees.

Physical Therapists

The same screening, evaluation and diagnosis that doctors do for physical therapists are done by them. The therapists must also develop a plan for the patient that can be used at home and with them to achieve their goals. This involves a lot of research about the patient’s past, their medical history and their capabilities. A physical therapist is just like a doctor. They work with the patient’s information and the doctor’s. This makes them vulnerable to lawsuits. Each physical therapist should have medical negligence insurance to protect them from being sued.


Some counselors do not have the title of doctor. Counselors must be licensed to provide mental healthcare to patients. Counselors do not use a traditional medical model to diagnose and treat their patients. Instead, they use a developmental theory to help their clients with their mental well-being. Counseling involves a lot of personal conversation so it is difficult to get a definitive diagnosis in just a few sessions. It may take several months for a patient to know if they are on the right path or need to be referred by a psychiatrist. Sometimes patients get frustrated by the length of time it takes to receive a referral or diagnosis from a counselor. They end counseling without consulting the counselor. The counselor could be blamed for the setback. Counseling may appear to be exempted from medical malpractice but counselors can still be sued.


The popularity of holistic medicine has grown, and there is a greater demand for homebirth midwives. Midwives employ holistic, natural and homeopathic approaches to care for their patients throughout pregnancy and labor. Many states require licensed midwives because of the potential complications that can occur even in a “normal” pregnancy. These complications are precisely why midwives need to have medical malpractice insurance. Even with the best medical care, complications such as birth defects or other problems can occur. Midwives should have medical malpractice insurance to cover them.

Massage Therapists

Different massage techniques are used to manipulate the muscles of the body. Massage therapy can improve a patient’s overall health. It is an excellent addition to physical therapy. Massage therapy is not without risks. Massage therapists can be sued even if they have a complete patient history, release and waiver forms. Massage therapists are often independent contractors and must ensure that their business is protected by purchasing medical malpractice insurance.

What isn’t covered

HMOs and hospitals have their own medical malpractice insurance. This is designed to cover medical professionals who are employed by them. Some lawsuit verdicts can exceed the policy’s maximum payout. The medical practitioner is responsible for any amounts not paid. Malpractice insurance for nurses, therapists, and other professionals is required.

Sometimes, the doctor is an independent contractor but has access to patients via the hospital. These cases would mean that the hospital’s malpractice policy wouldn’t cover any lawsuits against them.

Medical malpractice insurance is a good option for any medical professional who provides care to patients. Unintentional lawsuits can be brought on by angry patients and grieving relatives if you practice any type of health care. Although not all medical malpractice cases are settled in favor of the patient or their families, the legal fees and court costs can still be very costly for the medical provider. All medical specialists should have adequate insurance to cover these expenses.