Mesa Auto Insurance – 4 Surprising Questions That Determine Who Gets the Best Car Insurance Rates


Good news and bad news for those looking for Mesa auto insurance rates. The bad news is that Arizona overall ranks 14th in terms of auto insurance. Every year, Mesa has approximately 10,000 traffic accidents. This affects all rates. To make matters worse, Mesa has been ranked 4th in the country for vehicle thefts. All these factors have contributed to Mesa being consistently the most expensive city in Arizona for auto coverage.

The good news? Arizona’s insurance market is full of companies looking to win your business. According to the Arizona Department of Insurance, 152 companies are actively seeking new customers in Mesa. Since 2005, auto insurance in Mesa has been cheaper. If you haven’t looked for insurance in a while, it is possible that you are paying too much.

If you want the best car insurance rates, then you need to realize that every question in a quote can affect your rate. Your rate can often be affected by the absurdest questions. We’ll be looking at some questions that people often answer incorrectly to speed up the quote. It will cost you money, so please don’t repeat the same error.

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Question #1 – What is your highest level of education?

This question was something I hated as an agent. However, education is a big help with many insurance companies.

A high school diploma, GED or high school diploma can help but a bachelor’s degree is usually more beneficial. Although it is unlikely that a degree will make you a better driver than someone without one, statistics show that those with degrees have fewer claims. A lower number of claims means more profit. Profit means higher rates for everyone.

Question #2 – What is your occupation?

Insurance companies are interested in your occupation because it allows them to understand the use of your vehicle.

You may need to declare that your vehicle is being used for business if you are in sales outside of the office. Some occupations like couriers, delivery drivers, contractors and contractors may require a commercial policy to cover their vehicle. Personal insurance is not required. If someone is retired, a housemaker, or works from home, they may be able to claim that their vehicle is used for pleasure and pay less than someone who drives to work every day.

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Question #3: Are You a Homeowner?

People who own a home are eligible for the best rates on car insurance. This is true even if the home is already insured by another insurance company. You will often get a multi-policy discount if you have both your home and auto insurance through the same company.

You don’t need to purchase a house to save money on auto insurance. Renter’s insurance can also be a great option if you are currently renting.

Question #4 – When does your current policy expire?

Insurance companies may ask you about your policy’s expiration date for a few reasons.

They want you to have insurance. According to the Insurance Research Council, at least one in five Mesa drivers doesn’t have insurance. The insurance company is more likely to take you into account if you don’t have insurance. You could have been in an accident without insurance, and you plan to claim it once you get a new policy.

Reason #2: You might be eligible for an extra discount Many insurance companies offer an “Early Shopper discount” to customers who purchase insurance at least one week before they actually need it. Get quotes at least two weeks prior to the expiration of your current policy to receive the maximum discount.

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In Conclusion

Each question on the standard Mesa auto insurance quote page could be covered for hours. It is important to answer every question accurately. There are many insurance companies that cater to every type of customer. Finding the right one for you is all that’s required. Good luck in your search.