Mexican Auto Insurance – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

Bill Kitto wasn’t traveling to Mexico for the first time when he was involved in an accident while driving his friend’s truck. Bill Kitto, a very cautious driver, was behind the wheel due to the deteriorating road conditions caused by an incoming storm. His friend’s Mexican insurance holder left him in charge of the truck. His friend and Bill were travelling at 30 MPH when they came to a sharp corner to see a Mexican military vehicle coming towards them on their right side of the road. The collision caused the vehicles to collide head-on, with the personnel falling down an embankment while Bill and his friend fell into the cliff wall. The Mexican police arrive quickly and speed Bill, who is injured, to another location. Mexico has no “innocent until proven guilty”-it is the exact opposite.

Bill is held in Mexico without contact or knowledge of his fate. This is partly because he doesn’t know if his Mexican friend had Mexican auto insurance. He is able to make contact with his friend, and the guards return him to the accident scene hours later. This might seem like a solution in the United States, but it is not Mexico.

The full story of Bill is complex and not to mention painful. Bill spends a week in Mexico alone, trying to keep his injuries from causing him to be sent to a Mexican prison. He is at the mercy the local government, his legal representatives are questionable, and the muddled technology that renders what amounts to paying his bills futile. Bill felt unsure at times if he would ever be able to escape the mess.

Bill finally gets his tenuous freedom after spending over $28,000 US. Bill was fortunate to be able to get the money he needed to free himself from prison. Many Americans would not have been able to do so. Bill is uncertain if his investment in Mexico’s bureaucracy will yield any returns.

Bill learned a few lessons from his trip to Mexico that he hopes to share with all Americans who travel to Mexico.

  • Learn how to dial Mexico using a satellite or cell phone
  • Keep in touch with your family members in the states that can assist you

Secure funds and contact Mexican insurance companies if you need them (because your abilities will be limited).

Above all,

  • MEXICAN AUTO INSURANCE – with very high coverage

Personal injury and property damage coverage

  • You should ensure that the Mexican auto insurance company is reputable
  • You should always have proof of Mexican insurance in your vehicle. If you’re separated from your vehicle, make sure you have the Mexican car insurance ID card with you!

Bill Kitto’s difficult and long ordeal has shown him that money is what makes Mexico go around. They don’t care about where the money came from. What matters is your innocence and freedom. A Mexican auto insurance policy is the best way to ensure your safety when driving in Mexico.