Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance – Tips on How to Purchase Insurance For Mexico


You are about to embark on an exciting road trip to Mexico. Now that you have all your gear packed and your car tuned, it is time for you to buy your Mexican tourist insurance. Although your Mexican auto insurance coverage decision may be one of the most important, it is also often the most overlooked and rushed decision that most Mexican travelers make. You should not assume all Mexican insurance is the exact same. The differences in coverage and benefits between Mexican insurance companies can be huge. This article will help you save thousands of dollars and frustrating hours by researching Mexico insurance coverage.

Mexican tourist insurance can be purchased online.

Most Mexican auto insurance can now be purchased online. There are many websites that sell Mexico auto insurance. It is a smart move for customers to buy their insurance online. Do you prefer to wait until the last minute to purchase your Mexico insurance? Or would you rather buy your insurance online before you travel to Mexico. Many customers prefer to have their insurance covered in advance.

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Multiple Mexican insurance companies are the best way to find Mexico insurance. This allows you to compare prices on one site and not have to fill out several forms on different websites. A good Mexican insurance website that offers a comparison rater will help you save a lot of time.

Which websites are trustworthy?

Before you get an insurance quote, ensure that you verify your contact information and obtain a valid insurance licence. You may also want to search for a number for a “Surplus Lines broker” license. A surplus lines broker, an insurance broker with Mexican insurance companies, is licensed to sell foreign insurance within the United States. A surplus lines broker license indicates that the website was created by an agency who specializes on Mexican insurance. If the license does not include a surplus line broker license, it means that the website is likely to be run by an agent selling through an excess lines broker. While this does not necessarily mean that the products displayed on the website are invalid, it could mean that you will not get the same level customer service from an insurance agent who sells through a surplus lines broker whose sole focus is Mexican insurance. To ensure your privacy during internet transactions, you may want to check for a Better Business Bureau listing or McAfee Secure approval.

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Mexico insurance coverage to look for

After you’ve found a website selling Mexico tourist auto insurance, fill out the short insurance quote form. In less than a minute you will be able get a quote and start researching the benefits of each insurance product. It will take you much less time to get a quote if there are multiple insurance companies available (a comparative rater).

Seek out a chart that clearly explains the Mexico insurance limits and the coverage. The following categories will be covered in this chart:

Deductibles: The best Mexican insurance policies will offer fixed deductibles, meaning the deductibles will be locked at a set amount regardless of what the value of your vehicle is. The deductibles of some policies that are cheaper will be based on a percentage. The percentage-based policy may be acceptable if the vehicle has a value less than $20,000; however, if the vehicle is worth more than $30,000, then the percentage-based policies can become very expensive. You should never use a website that does not list the deductibles.

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US Hourly Labor Rates For Repairs Made in Canada or the USA: In the old days, most Mexican auto insurance companies tried to make customers repair their vehicles in Mexico. Mexican insurance companies were more likely to repair vehicles in Mexico than the US. This was because many Mexican customers weren’t willing to leave their cars in Mexico. The company also avoided paying claims. Many of the best Mexico insurance plans allow you to repair your car in the USA or Canada. However, some Mexican insurance programs are less expensive and only pay a minimal hourly rate for repairs in the US. This can be as low as $20 per hour. This means that the customer would need to pay the difference in hourly labor costs out of their own pocket. Mexican insurance programs that offer the best coverage will pay high US labor rates, such as $70 an hour. They will also pay no matter what the current hourly rate in the US. These policies will help reduce your out of pocket costs in the event that you have to file a claim. Do not purchase Mexican insurance if the Mexico website doesn’t specify whether repairs are permitted in the US or what the hourly labor rates are.

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Vandalism and partial theft coverage: Vandalism and partial theft (meaning only part of the car is stolen such as the tires, door panels, etc) is typically not covered by standard Mexican auto insurance. These coverages have been added to the enhanced coverage plans of higher-quality Mexican insurance programs in recent years. This coverage is essential if you wish to protect yourself from as many losses as possible.

Limits on Liability This is the portion of the Mexican insurance policy that pays for damages you cause to third parties. This coverage is crucial when you travel to Mexico. According to most people in the insurance industry, $50,000 is the minimum amount of liability insurance you should purchase. Mexico’s best insurance programs can offer up to $300,000. However, this will raise the insurance premium. These higher limits can be used in conjunction with US umbrella liability policies by some customers. Your US insurance provider may be able to tell you if your Mexico auto policy will be considered primary coverage.

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Medical Payments This is the portion of the Mexico insurance policy that pays for medical costs for you and your passengers (people inside your vehicle). The lowest limit is $2,000 per person, with a maximum of $10,000 per accident. Many policies will have higher limits. The best policies will also include an increase in this amount for you if you are struck by an uninsured driver who is at fault. Check with your US or Canadian healthcare provider to ensure they cover medical expenses while you travel to Mexico. You may also be interested in international insurance plans.

Service: Make sure your Mexico insurance includes legal service or legal assistance. This coverage covers any costs related to a traffic accident in Mexico, such as attorney fees and bail payments. A legal representative will also be sent by the service to assist you with any legal matters. This coverage is vital, so don’t buy Mexico auto coverage that doesn’t include it.

Road Assistance Most of the better Mexico insurance companies will include some level of road assistance that will cover towing expenses, flat tires, locksmith, and other services. This is an excellent coverage option, so be sure to include it in your Mexico insurance plan.

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Medical Evacuation: As the market for Mexican insurance becomes more competitive, many Mexico carriers are now bundling in extra special coverages to make their products stand out. Mexico auto insurance includes medical evacuation automatically. This is a tremendous value and convenience. In the event of a ‘grave disease or injury’, this coverage will pay for land or air ambulance services. This covers life-threatening and very serious injuries. A medical evacuation plan purchased by you alone can be expensive and often has many limitations. Mexico’s quality auto insurance policies that include medical evacuation coverage will typically cover multiple people in your travel party automatically, up to four people. You should verify the coverage for medical evacuation. If the number of persons covered is not stated in the insurance quote details, it’s possible that only the driver will be covered for medical evacuation. You can find other websites that specifically cover your travel group of 4 or more. Therefore, it is highly recommended you search for websites with a wider medical evacuation coverage.

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Plane Tickets from Home Another great benefit that many of the better Mexico insurance websites are offering is plane tickets home in the event that your car is stolen or not drivable. This could save you thousands and help to alleviate the stress of having to coordinate your transport back home from Mexico. Make sure you check to see how many people this policy will cover for home flights. Check another website if you don’t see plane tickets home listed. A few websites provide coverage for up to four people.

For help, dial the customer service number on the website

Reputable Mexican insurance websites encourage you to contact their customer service teams if you have any questions about Mexico insurance. You should not purchase insurance through a website that does not answer the phone or calls you back in a reasonable time frame. Many Mexican insurance websites look like ATM machines. If you prefer to write your own policy, the website can be accessed at your convenience. However, you can also call customer service to have an agent write it for you.

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When you shop for Mexican auto insurance online, make sure you compare each of these features and insurance coverages. This will ensure that you get the best possible insurance. In the event of a Mexican insurance claim, it could take you five to ten minutes to do some research. Enjoy Mexico, be safe and have fun!