Misconceptions of Insurance Based Online Leads


“Let’s Bring Prospects to you”

“Making sales easy”

“These prospects have asked for an insurance quote, and they are waiting for you to contact them.”

This is the claim online lead providers make every day to insurance agents. These aren’t lies, they are just simplifications. We all want to make more money faster and easier, as we all are. This marketing is amazing! It promises results, and even delivers the people who will seal the deal.

Make wise choices about which prospects you want to buy. Avoid nonstandard products if you have a poor product. These leads are usually lower-cost, but it is very difficult to sell them if they don’t have a great product. You should also consider the areas that are less likely to be targeted by other agents. It is important to consider the possibility of new construction or renovations in certain areas.

Agents quickly realize that they are competing with 8-10 other agents. Although this isn’t a major issue, agents need to be aware of the agents and companies they are competing against. These leads can be used to buy national accounts by companies. Such companies are powerhouses and can send a quote to prospects with just a few clicks. They don’t bother with customer service and never call or follow-up. They send the quote, drip emails and give direct access to purchasing the policy online. This is an important factor to consider when comparing with other companies. Always consider which companies and how many you are competing against. What number of captive agents are you currently working with? This information is crucial when using online leads.

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Finally, you need a strategy to work these leads. This is where speed and consistency are key. You must get there quickly and often. When powerhouse companies are no longer available or have not provided any services. After the quickie agents have made two calls and possibly provided a quote. The agent who is pleasant and persistent will grab the remaining 50% of leads once the phone has ceased to ring off the hook. These leads will work for you if you make multiple contacts. They are tricky, but they work.

Every company must have a method to their madness: a business plan. Yours? These leads require assistance from an agent. These include managing paperwork, getting there quickly and maintaining consistency in follow-up. To manage these leads quickly and efficiently, you can use a CRM system. A CRM system can import leads from lead companies. It will allow you to track notes, reminders and keep insurance-specific information and cross-sell information in one place. It also allows for multiple marketing campaigns for easy exposure. A good CRM system for agents can help you increase your close ratios by reducing the need to hire staff and saving money. To even out the online lead market, a CRM tailored to the insurance industry is essential. Agents are not making any money, but the lead companies make it rich.

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