Multiply Your Savings With Kotak Mutual Fund

For us, our hard-earned money can be as valuable as any high-priced metal. This is why we make sure our money is safe. We also invest our money in projects that will bring us a certain return. Before we invest our money in any type of investment, it is important to have a plan. Kotak mutual funds can offer better investment options and a variety of schemes to invest in.

Kotak mutual funds are part of the Kotak Mahindra Bank, a well-known Indian financial institution. It was established on 23 June 1998 and was founded in 1994. It is one the most prestigious mutual funds in the country, offering a variety of solutions for investors and helping them plan a better future.

Kotak mf’s tagline is “Jo Samjhega Wo hi Payega”. This is similar to the old saying “Investment in knowledge pays best interest”. The goal of this program is to educate and inform the investor about various plans and schemes. They also try to get small investors, mainly those who are salaried, involved in the investment process. The team of experts that they employ to create such plans ensures high returns on investment.

The AMC offers a range of mutual fund programs that are generating good returns. These schemes can be classified based on their nature into various classes.

1. Equity Funds All equity funds are designed to generate high returns and capital appreciation. Some schemes within this category include:

  • Kotak 50
  • Kotak Opportunities
  • Kotak Midcap
  • Kotak Classic Equity

2. Debit Funds : Debt funds are designed to generate regular and steady income. This category includes a variety of schemes.

  • Kotak Monthly Income Plans
  • Kotak Bond
  • Kotak Gilt Investment
  • Kotak Liquid

3. Balanced Funds: They are a mix of equity and debt funds. Their goal is to provide income with capital appreciation. Kotak Balance falls within this category.

4. and of Funds : This multi-manager channel holds other investment funds within their portfolio. Some schemes fall under this umbrella are:

  • Kotak Asset Allocator Fund
  • Kotak Gold Fund
  • Kotak US Equity Fund

5. Exchange Traded Fund Various schemes can be created under this class to benefit investors. Some of them include:

  • Kotak Gold ETF
  • Kotak PSU Bank ETF
  • Kotak Nifty ETF

This mutual fund offers a variety of features that will suit everyone. All of us want to increase our savings, but we struggle to find a way. It could help us do the same. Each scheme is designed to meet the specific needs of investors.

Boost Your SIP

We all know the difference between investing in mutual funds as a lump sum or SIP. The SIP Booster is a new way to boost the SIP for open-ended plans by Kotak Mahindra mutual funds. This allows one to initiate an investment in Kotak Mahindra mutual fund SIP with a very small amount, and then increase the monthly amount. This makes it easier to invest in a systemized investment plan.

It is a good idea to remember Kotak Mutual Fund when choosing an AMC.