Must Have Car Insurance Policy Extras

The cost of new cars is rising and you don’t want them to be any less. It is an investment. Many car buyers buy the best forms of insurance possible to protect their new vehicles. Some people are dependent on their cars every day and can’t imagine life without them.

Comprehensive car insurance policies offer security and peace of mind to people who need to protect their vehicles every day. These are five additional comprehensive car insurance policies that you should include when purchasing a comprehensive policy. You should include replacement car keys, vehicle content coverage, windscreen protection, courtesy cars and free roadside transport.

1. Replacement car keys

You’re probably familiar with the hassle of locking your keys in your car and the stress it can cause. If you don’t have a spare set or are unable to find one, you will only have two options: either trying to pick it yourself or calling the authorities or a locksmith.

Sometimes the police are not available or may not have the right tools. Locksmiths can also be expensive. It’s worth adding this extra to your comprehensive car insurance coverage. Because it’s easy to get locked out of your car or leave it unlocked for a second, it can be very costly.

2. Car content coverage

It would be nice to not have to worry about the contents of your car. However, there are criminals who will try to rob your car if they pass it. A burglar can take all kinds of items, including clothes, CDs, MP3 players, and cell phone. It is not always possible to stop people taking items that do not belong to them. However, insurance can help you protect your valuables in the event that they are stolen.

3. Windscreen repair

Windscreens can be delicate pieces of machinery. Windscreens are not likely to shatter if they are struck by debris. However, hairline cracks can cause them to become difficult or even dangerous. Windshields can be costly to replace or repair. This is why you should consider adding windscreen repair to your comprehensive car insurance coverage.

4. Courtesy cars

It doesn’t matter what your driving skills, maintenance habits or mechanic are, there’s always a chance that your car will eventually fail. This can leave you without a vehicle until it is fixed. A courtesy car can be an additional to your comprehensive car insurance coverage. This will prevent you from being without a vehicle while your main vehicle is repaired. This coverage is essential for those who drive their car daily to work.

5. Roadside assistance is free

You can also invest in insurance to provide free transportation to the closest garage or your home to help you put your day together if your vehicle breaks down.