National Association of Health Underwriters – 4 Ways Agent Members Can Stand Out in the Crowd

You probably know that the National Association of Health Underwriters offers many benefits for health insurance agents who have joined. Like thousands of NAHU members, you have access to local chapter meetings and CE classes. You will receive the state and national magazine for agents. You can also access the online resources on the national member website.

You joined the association to get exposure for your company and to learn from other members. Each chapter has a few agents that stand out, and they always benefit the most from being a member. It takes some extra work to maximize your NAHU member experience, but the rewards are well worth it. Referrals can often be a result of the credibility you build with your colleagues. These are some of the things you can do that will make your NAHU membership stand out from the rest and add the most value.

1) You can volunteer to be a member of the board. Each local chapter has a board, and there is always a need for leaders. The average urban chapter might have between 150 and 200 members, depending on their size. Many members only read the communications of the association and attend the monthly meetings. It is a small group that volunteers to serve on committees or board positions, but these people are crucial to the long-term success of the chapter. Most boards are composed of 8-12 people. Being on the board will give you visibility at local chapter events.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in monthly activities that are organized and facilitated by the board. This will allow you to get to know other members of the association. It is important to get to know other agents and build long-lasting referral relationships. You might be nervous about taking on a board role, so you can join a committee to see if it is worth the effort.

2) Write an Article for your Chapter Newsletter. You might be an expert in wellness, Cobra, or health savings accounts. However, other members may specialize in areas such as Medicare, small group sales, or Medicare. The association is made up of agents who can learn from one another. You can compile a few bits of information that show your expertise in your chosen field and send them to the newsletter chairperson. By submitting a voluntarily written article about what you are most familiar with, newsletters are always in demand of content. If other members are asked to refer clients to experts in their field, they will likely remember what you wrote and send it your way.

3) Attend industry conferences. Your state chapter may have thousands of members but only a few participate in the national and state conventions. Conventions are expensive and time-consuming. The convention will reveal the elite subset of the insurance industry. Convention attendees are primarily made up of members of state and local boards. These are the industry’s movers and shakers. These people will be invaluable for you over the long-term. You only need to attend a few conferences before you can become a familiar face.

4) Donate it to charity. Nearly all NAHU associations are involved in charitable foundations. Participating in charitable foundations may seem as easy as taking a few dollars out your pocket. Sometimes you might volunteer your time to help consumers enroll in state insurance programs or provide meals for elderly people in your community. These events will set you apart as a member and agent. You give back to your community. These events are remembered by people, so your reputation as someone who cares more than how much business you write will grow.

These simple actions are a great way to get involved with NAHU and build a reputation among fellow members. It is great that you have joined the NAHU in the first place. Now, you want to be the best agent possible. If you are willing and able to put in the effort, you’ll soon find that your colleagues will become friends, and that referral-trading relationships can be very lucrative over the course of the career.