National General insurance review

GMAC Insurance was once known as National General Insurance Company. The National General Insurance Company has more than 100 years experience and is the largest auto insurance company in America. National General Insurance provides all the standard coverages for your vehicle, home, and other assets. There are many discounts available depending on the type of insurance you have.

National General was founded within the automotive industry. Its deep roots in car Insurance sets it apart from its competitors. It may be helpful to review the main coverages and ratings of National General, as well as other policies.

National General Car Insurance

National General offers a range of coverages to protect your vehicle, true to its automotive roots. National General offers several discounts to make your auto insurance cheaper.


  • Collision coverage covers repairs to your vehicle after an accident
  • Additional vehicle damage or thefts covered by comprehensive coverage
  • Liability insurance covers you against any legal proceedings or injury to others caused by a collision
  • Roadside assistance is financial assistance for vehicles that have broken down, such as towing fees.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment refers to death or the loss of limbs caused by an accident.
  • Classic or collector car insurance protects your classic cars of higher value.

Get Discounts

  • Safe driver: Drivers who have successfully completed defensive driving courses in eligible states may be eligible for this discount.
  • Low mileage: An electronic mileage tracking device can help you track your vehicle’s mileage and lower your premium.
  • Paid-infull: Drivers could be eligible for a discount on their full car insurance.
  • Multi-vehicle Insurance: Insuring multiple vehicles through National General can help you save money on your premiums for all of them.
  • Affinity: Your company may have negotiated special rates with National General.
  • Multi-policy: Combining car, home, or renters insurance can simplify your life and may even earn you a discount.
  • Anti-theft: You could be eligible for a discount if you have an anti-theft device or car alarm installed in your vehicle.
  • Auto-pay: This option could lower your monthly premiums. They will automatically draw from your bank account every month.
  • Auto and RV: You can bundle your auto insurance with motorhomes or RVs to get a discount.

National General Home Insurance

National General Home Insurance covers everything from standard policies to additional home coverages. The standard home policy protects your home and belongings from theft, hail damage, and fire. Many homeowners choose to add additional coverages such as National General.


  • Your home is replaced in a complete loss with a guaranteed and extended replacement, even if its cost has increased.
  • If you use sustainable and green materials to repair your house, you can get additional funds up to $50,000 .
  • Extra coverage for belongings can increase coverage limits for high-end items like furs and jewelry.
  • The cost of identity theft reimbursement covers the costs of restoring your identity after it is stolen.

Get Discounts

  • Age of the home: Homes with newer features may be eligible for a reduction in homeowner coverage.
  • Auto companion: A car policy can be purchased separately from National General and still qualify for a discount
  • Home/auto account: Homeowners can bundle their car and home insurance to save more.
  • No cost to claim: Drivers who are safe will be rewarded with lower premiums.
  • Gated community: Living behind security gates can save you money on insurance because it is considered safer.
  • Home buyer: A National General Insurance policy may offer savings for new homeowners.
  • HOA: A homeowner association could save you money.
  • Insurance to value: Your insurance policy may be adjusted if your home is worth more.
  • Protective devices: Security systems, such as cameras, alarms, smoke detectors, and smoke detectors, can help lower your chances of being burglarized, and also reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Superior construction: An agent can help you get a discount on your home if it is built with better-quality materials and systems.

National General Ratings, Reviews, Customer Satisfaction and Complaints

National General’s insurance scores and customer satisfaction are generally below average. The 2020 J.D. National General was last in the 2020 J.D. These factors include customer satisfaction and responses from customers whose claims were settled by National General in the six months prior to the survey.

National General was also last in 2020 J.D. With a score 748 out 1000 points, the Power Home Insurance Study ranked last. J.D. J.D. National General’s rankings indicate that other companies may offer a greater variety of policies at a lower price and have better claims processes.

The J.D. Although the J.D. The company has an AMBest rating of A+ (Superior).. This rating indicates a stable financial outlook as well as the ability to pay for National General Insurance claims.

CompanyAM Best RatingJ.D. Power auto insurance scoreJ.D. J.D.
National GeneralA+ (Superior).815/1,000748/1,000

The top reasons to think about National General

National General insurance is worth looking into if you are looking for home and auto insurance separately or as part of a bundle. National General offers additional policies for RVs and motorcycles, small-business vehicle insurance, and health insurance. This could prove to be a great option for anyone looking to consolidate all their insurance policies under one provider.

National General is a trusted name in the auto insurance business. Customers may be concerned about the below-average customer satisfaction ratings of National General. National General isn’t a household name in insurance so it might not offer the level of specialization consumers want, such as the ability to provide the best coverage or the most comprehensive options.

The National General insurance company is trusted for all your property, auto and home insurance needs. It holds the largest market share in both home and auto insurance. National General customers who choose to insure property with National General have many options for discounts or add-ons that allow them to create a personal experience.

Additional policies available from National General

National General offers policies that go beyond home and auto policies.

  • RV: Insurance for motor homes and recreational vehicles.
  • Motorbike: For ATVs, Mopeds, Scooters, Motorcycles, and Cruisers.
  • Policy for small business vehicles: Available policies for cars bought by your company.
  • You have options for health insurance. There are short-term medical, dental, and supplemental coverage.

Questions frequently asked

What information do I need in order to receive a quote for National General Insurance?

You can either fill out the online form to get a quote for National General insurance or call the number. To get a quote, you will need to give information about your vehicle and any other drivers.

How do I file a National General Insurance Claim?

It is easy to file a claim using the National General website, or calling the claims line at 1-800-468-366.

What is the average time it takes to process National General Insurance claims?

The information you provide and the circumstances will affect the time it takes to process a claim. It is possible to prepare most of the information required ahead of time. This includes your policy number, details about the accident and damages.

Is my home insurance sufficient to cover all my belongings?

Your homeowners insurance policy will cover your items up to a dollar amount depending on the coverages you have.

Which is the best auto insurer?

Each person will have a different opinion about which auto insurance company is best. Before you shop around for the best auto insurance, consider your circumstances and needs. When choosing an insurance company, many people consider their finances, driving records and claims history, as well as whether or not additional members will be included in the policy.

Which is the best company for home insurance?

It can be overwhelming to search for the best home insurance company . It is important to evaluate your needs and compare prices. You can also research the customer satisfaction, financial strength, and other ratings of each home insurance company to determine which ones offer superior insurance services.