National Motor Club – Great Coverage and Affordable


National Motor Club (NMC), is an affordable supplemental coverage plan. NMC coverage includes Emergency Roadside Assistance and Travel Assistance Reimbursement. Trip Planning, Emergency Travel Assistance. Bail Bonds. Attorney Fee Reimbursement. Prescription Drug Savings. Vision Care Savings. Emergency Room Benefits. Trip Reservations. Identity Theft. Auto Service Discounts. You also receive emergency medical assistance.

You are covered if you’re more than 100 miles away from your home and have a medical emergency. Example: If you’re on vacation and get sick while you’re away, you can call the NMC number and be transported. Even if you have to be flown by helicopter (which can cost over $10,000),

You can call customer service to have your tire changed. Call customer service if you forgot your keys and they will be there.

NMC was a great experience. My membership number was sent to me by email and I immediately locked my keys in my car. My membership was not yet processed. I reached out to the customer service number in my “welcome” email. Although I was told it would take 40 minutes for a locksmith to reach my location, it took only 10 minutes. What impressed me the most was the fact that the customer service agent first asked me if I was in “safe surroundings”. This made me feel that they care about me as an individual and not just as a member. NMC members are covered up to $100 for car towing. The difference is yours.

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Even if you need only a quick boost of battery, you’d be covered. Another example: When I first moved to GA, I didn’t know anyone. I wanted to stop at the store on my way home from work, so I decided to leave a bit early. The battery was dead when I tried to start the car. I wasn’t an NMC member, so I missed three (3) days of work. If I had been an NMC member, it would have been possible to make one call and be on my way.

This coverage is great for me as a female working 30 miles one way from home. It gives me security and peace of mind.

Call the customer service number and you can get back on your way if you run out of gas. As an NMC member you will receive help.

NMC membership can be accepted at most major pharmacies like Walgreens and Walgreens. CVS, Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens, CVS and CVS. Your NMC membership can be used to receive vision care services at well-known Vision Care Centers like Sears, Lenscrafters, Sears, and Pearlvison.

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It is very helpful to have Emergency Medical Assistance when you travel long distances. You can get immediate medical assistance without worrying about whether your insurance will cover it.

NMC is an excellent supplemental coverage because it covers many services. It includes auto, legal, and healthcare. There is no limit to the amount of usage, unlike other auto club memberships. There is neither a physical requirement nor an age limit.