NCIS: What Was In Deckers Insurance Policy?

Jenny Shepard knew when someone at Decker’s funeral mentioned “Oshimaida,” she had lost her cover from an undercover operation she, Decker and Gibbs had participated in many years prior.

She hired Mike Franks to assist in investigating, leading them to discover something which led them to shootout at Decker’s diner and create many questions and speculations about its owners and its operations.

What Was In Decker’s Insurance Policy?

As soon as an employee of Stanley Black & Decker decides to purchase personal life insurance, they enter a binding contract with the company that issued their policy. Under this agreement, should an event that falls under coverage occur, they agree to pay out a specific sum to those designated in their policy – in return, they pay an agreed premium amount. Many factors come into play when deciding the amount or level of coverage appropriate for any given situation, such as health concerns, income and expected expenses.

In this case, the district court granted summary judgment to Combined Insurance concerning payments under a disability policy issued to Norman Decker. Decker appealed, contending that the district court made errors in its findings that his son qualified as his “dependent” and granted summary judgment against them.

Decker was in dispute about whether or not his minor son met the definition of his disability policy, which defined “dependent” as any individual dependent upon an insured for care and support due to physical or mental impairment which will last at least 12 months or is expected to last longer than 12 months. To determine this matter, the court examined Decker’s son against this standard; after reviewing this definition it determined he met this definition since he depended on him due to physical or mental impairment and required support as such from him as well. It determined he did meet this definition since Decker himself needed support as result of such impairment from him depending upon him for care and support from Decker due to physical or mental impairment from which Decker provided care and support due to physical or mental impairment lasting or expected lasting at least 12 months from him due to impairment from which his father provided care and support resulting from being dependent. The court concluded this definition when it found out Decker met this criteria since his son relied heavily upon his father due to physical or mental impairment from either parent.

Financial situation of the insured also plays a large part in determining their ideal coverage amount; someone making $200,000 would likely need more coverage than someone with only $50,000 annual earnings. Type of coverage also has an effect – for instance whole life policies typically pay out an immediate lump sum upon death; term policies only pay out this benefit in case an insured dies during its term period.

Since buying personal life insurance is such an important decision, employees of Stanley Black & Decker must carefully study all aspects of their policy – especially any provisions in Part F of their PAP that specify limits, qualifications and conditions associated with other sections.

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Who Was Involved?

Though part of the fun in watching NCIS is speculation about what went on off-screen to lead our heroes into trouble, this type of speculation can become overzealous at times and become cause for worry among fans. One such fan, Decker’s files are included within his insurance policy yet there has been considerable doubt as to their source.

One possible explanation for his success could be his work as a special agent, giving him access to sensitive information regarding the Naval Intelligence Center and Phantom 8 elite black ops unit that would not normally be readily available or breachable by someone other than himself.

Decker may have also gained much of his information through previous jobs before joining NCIS. Particularly, his mission in Paris with Gibbs and Jenny was a covert operation; Decker served as their contact agent, providing them with cover identities as well as handling communications on behalf of both teams.

As soon as Jenny overheard someone ask if anyone named Oshimaida signed Decker’s condolence book at his funeral, she knew her team’s cover had been compromised and they became targets. With Michael Franks’ help she began investigating Decker’s death. This eventually lead to Viggo’s men killing several Viggo employees including Svetlana Chernitskaya who had been harassing Gibbs and Jenny to exact revenge against Decker’s death. The subsequent shootout at Decker’s Diner eventually ended with all but few Viggo agents being killed along with Svetlana Chernitskaya; including Svetlana Chernitskaya whom had been targeting Gibbs and Jenny as revenge on behalf of Decker’s death.

Though Decker’s insurance policy remains unknown, it’s likely to contain several key military files vital to NCIS and other intelligence agencies – information which would have enabled them to identify those responsible for his murder and exact revenge for him in turn. Furthermore, Svetlana may have attempted to stop Gibbs, Jenny and Ducky from competing in an ongoing sexy dance contest that may have also been in his policy.