Need to Save Some Money on Your Insurance? Here Are Some Tips


Americans are trying to save money as much as possible, even though the economy is still struggling to regain its former glory. Insurance can be a costly expense but it is necessary. We have compiled some tips from the most savvy insurance professionals to help you recover as much of the premium on that expensive policy.

It can sometimes be difficult to know which coverages you need and what you can live without. You can skip collision and comprehensive coverage if your car has a lower value. These coverages can be costly because the amount of repairs your car will need may not exceed your deductible (the amount that you have to pay before your insurance covers the rest).

You can save up to 15-40% on your deductible if you increase it to a high level, such as $500 or $1000. This is a good idea for stay-at-home parents or experienced, cautious drivers who travel only locally. Local drivers may want to arrange a carpool with friends and co-workers. So-called “low mileage” discounts are available for insured drivers who drive less than the average American (usually around 10,000 miles per year). In the event that your teenager is involved in an accident, you may end up paying more.

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Teen drivers are important to remember. Make sure you include them on your family policy, not just one. Teenagers who have their own policies pay a much higher amount. You can also save money if your child is a good student or has completed an acceptable driver’s education course.

If your life, health, and disability coverage are sufficient, you should only purchase the minimum California personal injury coverage. It is possible to pay a lot more for overlapping medical coverage than you realize.

You should consider as many safety features possible when purchasing a new vehicle. Anti-theft and air bags are well-known, but daytime running lamps, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control (ESC) systems can also help reduce costs. Your provider will appreciate a more subtle car. It will be more affordable to insure a safer, cheaper, and less stolen car than the convertible Ferrari you want. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety can help you determine how high a car or new vehicle is at risk.

All your recreational vehicles, cars and trucks can be covered under the same policy. Switching to the same provider for homeowners, commercial, and life insurance can help you save even more.

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Pay attention to the condition and age of your vehicle. Vehicles with damaged or worn parts, as well as cars that have been in accidents before could end up costing you more than you think. You should keep your vehicle inspections up to date. A faulty or damaged component can cause an accident and cost you more than fixing it.

Retired drivers and drivers over 50 may be eligible for a discount. Drivers who have not been involved in an accident (accidents) or moved violations for at least three years are eligible for safe-driver discounts. Insurance policyholders who remain with the same company for a long time often save money with their providers.

If you think your insurance provider may not be giving you the discounts you deserve, if you’d like to painlessly compare your price to other insurance companies, or if they don’t offer these discounts at all, feel free to check out our low-cost providers immediately by giving us a call or filling out our online quote form []!

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