New Agent Tips – Confident, Collected, in Control

In many articles I’ve written, as well as by other authors, it has been noted that too much trust is placed on the insurance company or their agency who hired you. They can show you how they want. It is clear that the insurance company route is not the best. The failure rate for 18 months was 85%. You must be confident, collected and in control when you start as a new agent.

Are you interested in becoming one of six life and health insurance agents who survive and then prosper?

Read on. It will be well worth it. I’ve been there. My “do not follow the etched-in stone rules” philosophy began in high school and continued through college. They remained for four decades of my successful sales and marketing career. My attitude of “change the rules”, is what has changed my income.

These tips will help you to sell without the assistance of an insurance sales manager. Also, you don’t need any information provided by the company. This includes the presentation book for your company and any uncomfortable speech that you had to learn.

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CONFIDENCE The worst source of confidence is your insurance sales manager. If a sale is not made, you will be told how it was always your fault. You didn’t fight the objection in the right way. Instead, you gave up after hearing too many no answers. You will lose referrals if you make a sale. Ideally, at least three. You will be criticized for not giving enough presentations. Finally, you will hear that the key to success is to make more phone calls.

Get free advice. Your sales manager will not make you a rage. Your sales manager is an expert at instilling fear and confidence. His closing average would be lower than 50% if he used the same selling methods for insurance as you. This is unacceptable for any professional in insurance. Don’t ask him for advice.

You can only have confidence if you work hard enough. To gain confidence, you must get rid of all your fears. Fear is usually a fear of rejection. If you are asked a question by a prospect, you will get many no responses. This can make your confidence drop. Start today to develop a winning attitude. Repeat to yourself that you will make the sale. It is impossible to say this enough. Check out articles and book excerpts about confidence, attitude, will power. Do not rely on insurance companies.

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COLLECTED To be considered an insurance professional, you must have a good plan. Remember, I said to you that you should throw away your insurance presentation manual. Your client will doubt you if you don’t create your own presentation. There are more than 600 active life and/or health insurance companies. The client doesn’t care. It is important to understand your client’s emotions. You must fill the client’s emotions before they will be interested in your products.

Your job is to provide a solution for emotional needs. There’s nothing more! Write a flexible presentation of emotions. You can list all six major emotions and then tailor your talking style to each one. As a problem solver, you will work with clients. You must present the client in a professional manner and ask them questions about their emotions. You won’t believe it unless you actually try it. You will see prospects selling themselves.

IN CONTROL Many insurance trainees struggle with the prospect to control the interview. It can be difficult to handle objections. You will be more confident and calm if you have a lot of control. Start controlling the situation by asking, “Can we all eat here at this table?” Next, give a brief introduction and compliment them on their hobby collection or unique piece of furniture. Allow them to tell you why they love the piece. You are now their favorite person, simply because they compliment you.

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They are ready to answer all your questions, and then throw very few back at them. You believed you were going to walk away with a sale. Never fail. But, learn more.

Get Free Advice Ask your prospects to show you two options. After you have presented, ask your prospects “Which one of these two suits you best: the economy plan or higher security plan?” This is a very simple, non-pressured approach that can often lead to the high premium plan being chosen.

CONGRATS TO YOURSELF FREQUENTLY You are mastering the three key selling skills of high confidence and mastering a group presentation. This allows you to keep control of the presentation. This self-made roadmap is rarely attempted by insurance agents.