New York Auto Insurance – How Your Car Affects Your Rates

It is sad to see people who are good and honest waste their hard-earned money by paying more for New York auto insurance. Even more frustrating is the fact that they could lose as much as $1000 simply because they don’t know. This article will help you understand how your New York auto insurance rates are affected by the type of car you choose.

There are many cars on the market today. There may not be any differences between the cars, but media hype or the class attached one. The value of a car could also be affected by how established a manufacturer in the industry. Many people will also take into consideration factors such as fuel consumption, safety and fashion. It’s unlikely that anyone will ask about the impact of a car on their New York auto insurance rates as they make a purchase decision. It’s worth considering how much your auto insurance rates could increase over time, and the possibility of saving a lot by buying a car made by another manufacturer.

Cars are grouped according to data that shows the risk associated each car over time. Some cars are known for their durability. Some cars have a reputation for safety. A car may have proven over time that it is expensive to insure and therefore attracts higher New York auto policy rates.

Soon you’ll see that even two identical cars can command very different prices. According to Reuters, the following list contains the ten most expensive cars among the 20 best-sellers…

i) Chrysler Town & Country

ii) Chevrolet Cobalt

iii) Dodge Caravan

iv) Chevrolet Impala

v) Ford Taurus

vi) Ford Econoline

viii) Jeep Grand Cherokee

viii) Chevrolet Malibu

ix) GMC Sierra Pickup

x) Toyota Corolla

Let’s now see which are the most expensive insurance policies, ranked by their cost.

i) Ford F-Series

ii) Dodge Ram Pickup

iii Ford Explorer

iv) Honda Civic

v) Chevrolet Silverado-C/K Pickup

vi) Toyota Camry

vii) Honda Accord

viii) Chevrolet Trailblazer

ix) Nissan Altima

Ford Focus x

Simply choosing a similar car to insure can help lower your New York auto policy rate. You can’t get the savings if you are unable to choose a cheaper car to insure. We know price/value is an important factor for most people.

I am aware that there are only twenty cars on the combined list. Yours might not be included in the combined list. This is a brief explanation of a point, not a complete list. Before you buy a car, you must consider what premium you will have to pay. It will be a well-informed decision to purchase a car that is more costly to insure.

It is worth learning the true amount of what could be lost. This will help you to weigh your options. This is easy: You can use insurance quote sites that provide New York auto insurance rates. Fill out the form twice, with the only difference being your car make. Add the difference between the quotes and you will see the exact cost. It’s easy and will not take long.

You can also lower your New York auto insurance rates even though you have already purchased your vehicle. You only need to compare up to five quotes sites to get the best possible rates. Your chances of lowering your New York auto insurer premium will increase the more you compare New York auto insurance quotes.