North Carolina DUI

Your driving record is the most important factor in your insurance premium, regardless of where you live. A DUI is probably the worst thing that could happen to your driving record. DUIs can lead to increased insurance costs and jail time.

What does a DUI do to your insurance rates?

A DUI is an indicator that there may be future events for insurance providers. There are many reasons why this is so. One third of DUI arrests in the National Highway Traffic Administration are repeat offenders. The study found that DUI-convicted drivers are four times more likely than others to be killed in car crashes. Mothers Against Drunk Driving continues to research DUIs as a leading cause of fatal car accidents.

Insurance providers raise drivers’ premiums when they are convicted of DUI. In North Carolina, drivers will pay significantly more after a DUI than they would in the national average. The following table shows how it compares:

Average DUI rates for the United States vs. their respective states

Pre-DUIAfter DUIPercentage increase
North Carolina$1,325$5,700330%

What is the cost of insurance for a North Carolina DUI?

The rate of DUI in North Carolina has increased significantly, as the table shows. Although insurance companies take many data points into account when pricing policies, a DUI almost always wins out over them all.

These are the average prices drivers have to pay (both before and after DUIs), along with the top major providers in North Carolina. Your driving record and DUI severity may impact the amount you pay. Your provider could also cancel your policy and increase your premium.

North Carolina provider rates for DUI coverage

ProviderAverage minimum coverage rateDUI coverage minimum rate
AmTrust Financial$419$672
All over the country$368$1,569
North Carolina Farm Bureau$374$1,414
Penn National$441$2,108
State Farm$292$1,225

North Carolina provider rates for DUI coverage

ProviderAverage coverage rateFull coverage with DUI
AmTrust Financial$1,372$3,836
All over the country$1,374$5,558
North Carolina Farm Bureau$1,107$4,308
Penn National$1,333$6,498
State Farm$958$3,915

Other North Carolina DUI Penalties

The penalties are determined by the number of DUIs that a person has. This is true in most states. It is slightly different in North Carolina. A judge in North Carolina will look at several factors, such as BAC levels, passengers’ ages, and crash data, to determine if you are a weak offenders (level 5) and serious offenders (level 1).

FineJail Time
Level 5 MisdemeanorAs high as $20024-hours to 60-days
Level 4 MisdemeanorMaximum $500From 48 hours up to 120 days
Level 3 MisdemeanorMaximum $1,000From 72 hours up to 6 months
Level 2 MisdemeanorAs high as $2,000From 7 days up to one year
Level 1 MisdemeanorAs high as $4,000From 30 days up to 2 years

A judge can suspend jail time for levels 5, 4 and 3 in lieu of community work or impounding your vehicle. Levels 2 and 1 are not eligible for this option.

Habitual offenders are drivers who have been convicted of DWI three times in the last seven years. This means that the driver must spend at least one year in prison.

Drivers with a 0.08 BAC or higher will have their license revoked immediately. Driving privileges are only available for a period of 10 days. The revocation can last up to one year after the driver is formally convicted. The revocation is effective for four years after a second DUI occurs within three years.


What do I need in order to have my North Carolina license reinstated after a DUI conviction?

To obtain a restricted privilege license, drivers who have been convicted of DUI in North Carolina must complete a dl123 form.

What length of time does a North Carolina DUI stay on your record?

A DUI will remain on your record in North Carolina for life. However, sentencing purposes require that there be a “lookback period” to allow you to consider multiple DUIs within seven years.

How do you remove a DUI from your North Carolina record?

If you have been convicted, there is no way to remove a DUI from your record. However, if the DUI is dismissed or a plea deal is reached, the record will be deleted.