Over 900,000 Career Insurance Sales Agents, Job Security Forecast


Career insurance sales agent job security is extremely poor. This is not due to economic conditions, which force downsizing of the insurance sales careers. Learn the shocking facts about why there is a narrow window of opportunity for new jobs as an insurance agent.

150,000 insurance agents are licensed in the USA to sell annuity and health products. Any marketer or recruiter would be mad to see the results of their recruitment. Learn why.

A highly-skilled copywriter is hired to write your sales letter. You send out a cost-effective, eye-catching package with an appealing offer. You choose to pay all expenses for first-class postage. You receive 100% of your items fully delivered by the post office. No pieces are returned for an incorrect address. If you don’t know the “who’s who”, of insurance representatives, your back end will be scalded with hot bacon grease.


Lists of potential agents for marketing your products or recruiting them often stink. 70% of agents who recruit end up with the garbage ends up as the list’s cheapest. The largest pig with most fat attached to it in bulk was yours. It is up to you to spend the time and money necessary to find the rare list compiler that cuts away excess fat. He puts your results above his money received. Only this list compiler of insurance agents can trim away excess agents. Their reply will be unambiguous.

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Unrefined lists can include many agents, including these. There are credit life agents and professional multi-state agents for telemarketing, agents with a wrong address, agents who request they not receive any mailings or calls, in house agents directly licensed by their home office, direct Telemarketers selling smaller life insurance policies, agents that have retired at 99%, widows who collect their lifetime renewals, and so on.


This group consists primarily of home debit agents, as well as life licensed fire and casualty agents from one insurance company. Their multi-line carrier strong and independence suggests that they are not independent. This could put their career at risk. You can do yourself, the agent and the company a favor and ignore them. They can make up as much as 33% depending on where they live. These names may not have been removed by your agent source. How much does the insurance lead response cost if one of these agents responds?


Can water be made into wine? If not quit dragging a dead horse. Is it you or the agent who is going to make this agent a success? Already the agent is failing. Are you ready to work with agents? This is a gamble. These agents could be considered active until the state posts updates within a year.

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Agents who have not yet worked in the insurance industry can generate the majority of your insurance leads. This is true even if your list is not well screened. We mean new career agents who have less than 4 years experience in life and health insurance. These agents are amazing dreamers and super talkers, which is something you have to give credit. You may have been there at one time. But empathy and sympathy will not pay your recruitment expenses. Unfortunately, 85% of these agents won’t be there to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary.

Others will go on and on about how their potential client needs your product. The mystical client does not become an actual case. These agents can help you if you believe the rate at which people respond is more important than quality leads. Many will not respond to your offer or any other offer, and they may end up producing nothing. These are the biggest distraction and most likely to waste your time, money, or effort. Doubtless, buying a dozen lottery tickets will pay better. The exceptions to this rule are the minor who have taken CLU courses, LUTCF classes or obtained a series 6 license.

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Don’t waste your jumbo lists. Next, purchase a very specific list that is tailored to your needs. You don’t need the 900,000 agents losers as they will be leaving your business in the next 12 months.