Overcoming Insurance Sales Fear

Insurance sales fear is not something that comes up instantly. A potential insurance salesperson is enthusiastic when he answers a newspaper advertisement. He is excited about the potential income and benefits. He is almost certain to have a long and prosperous career thanks to his sales manager. He is shocked to receive the call from the sales manager confirming that he is one of the selected ones.

A sales script written by someone from the headquarters of the home office must be memorized word for word by the new insurance trainee. This wording is too complicated for the sales rep to understand. In many states, people don’t say “you guys”; they instead use “people like you”. Fearful, he asks why he cannot adapt the sales presentation to make him feel more at ease. He is reassured that everyone does it the same way.

When the sales manager calls, self confidence drops. A couple of interviews are required by the sales manager. The salesperson is now on his own. He is now paralysed by the sales fear factor. His thinking process becomes stifled as soon as a prospect raises objections. This ruins his spontaneity and presentation.

Fear and worry are exactly what salespeople fear. The salesman becomes anxious and fearfull when there is no sale. He hates reporting to his sales manager. The mentor he was assigned tells him that he wasn’t pushing hard enough to close the sale. The salesperson experiences a rapid increase in sales fear after three more no sales. He suspects that his confidence is at an all-time low and it is all his fault. He is unable to sell and has doubts about his career choices.

He is still not feeling uplifted after the first sale. It is not exactly a confidence booster. The sales rollercoaster begins. Every sale brings him up and each failure rekindles his fears. There are many no sales for every sale. The insurance salesperson is now a chronic worrier with dangerously low faith levels. He is losing the ability to be happy and confident because of his sales fear.

He begins to mold himself into a typical, mediocre salesperson. He starts appointments with a fearful attitude of not selling. This attitude affects his ambitions and efforts. Prospects control the situation, and when this happens, a potential sale is lost. He is also embarrassed to report weekly sales results at meetings. Sales fear is almost as powerful as the lead obtaining factor. It controls everything, from making appointments to closing sales. He is falling fast.

Change mentors is the only way to save your career. You can trade the negative comments sales manager for an established and experienced insurance broker as a mentor. It may suffice to ride along with a career salesman on two sales appointments. The sales professional tells him that his fear of sales is fictionary. In fact, the pro told the agent ahead of time that he was going to leave with a sale. Professional sales presentations are 90% different than the ones given by agents. It does not promote the company but emphasizes the benefits. The benefits of investing in the product. Professional salespeople have eliminated all sales fears.

Fear isn’t real. Fear is an artificial mental barrier that separates those who succeed from those who struggle. Your destiny is yours. You don’t need to ask God for help. God only helps those who help themselves. Sales fear will disappear faster if you are stronger than before. You will experience a surge in confidence and sales. Get determined to take control of your sales and your future.