Parking Lot Accident – Fault, Negligence and Other Issues

A parking lot accident can ruin your weekend. Parking lots can be dangerous traps, as anyone who has ever been to the grocery store knows. It’s not unusual to see people running away from the store while
Smoking a cigarette or using their cell phone to communicate is a bad habit. Even worse is when you have a cellular phone.
You honk at them, and they look at your face as if something is wrong. If
There are many things to remember if you’re in a parking lot collision.
Get involved before it’s too late

Parking lots in America are largely private.
Property, and the majority of accidents are low speed impacts. This means that
“Usually” there won’t be any bodily injury claims.
The scene. Combining the two makes it possible for the police to decline your call.
help. It is highly likely that the police won’t respond to your request for documentation.

To find the other, you will have to do it yourself
Information of the other party and defense of your case Parking lot accidents are often fatal.
complicated. Different drivers have different views of what happened.
If you don’t have witnesses, vs.-word situations are most likely to arise
Insurance companies require independent witnesses so that your passengers are not questioned.

It is not uncommon for one party to want the other.
Give them their contact information. Here is where things can get very ugly. How do you file a
If you don’t have their information, claim it. You can call the police again, even if you don’t have their information.
(after they have left), and then try to get them out. If they refuse to come out, you can go to
Send a report to the nearest police station. Note everything that you know
Describe what actually happened. This will allow you to later document your claim.

Two reasons people might not give you their money are:
Insurance information. They don’t have insurance or they don’t use it enough.
U.S.) that you are responsible for the accident. The general consensus is that “if…”
If you hit me, your insurance should cover the cost.” In no fault statues (like
Michigan) This does not apply to all fault states, but most drivers do not want it to.
File against their insurance company. This is an acceptable option.
It is wrong to make deductions.

Agents from insurance try to discourage people who make claims
They may be able to sue you for your own insurance policies. They are concerned about your rates. The majority of them worry about your rates.
If you are a loyal customer, your rates won’t be affected.
Accidents are not your fault. Agents may also have their own motives.
They want to have a “loss ratio” percentage that will lower their commissions.
As much as possible, discourage the filing of claims. It can be dangerous to file a claim.
You have to report accidents to your coverage.
Without coverage

This could put you in a difficult spot. If you do not file a
No defense against bodily injury claims will be available and the claim will be deemed absurd.
The insurance company will pay the bill. Your defense rights can help you save money
In order to pay someone’s alleged injuries, legal fees can cost thousands of dollars.

Even if the parking lot accident was minor, it can still cause serious damage.
If they are not important, contact your insurance company to alert them. This
You will be protected in the event that another party files a claim against your. Keep this in mind
Parking lot accidents are the most controversial accident.

Even if it is a walk, make sure to file a police report
Report. This will protect you in the event that the other person doesn’t have.
insurance. The majority

The policy requires Uninsured Property Loss Coverage.
You can file a police complaint.

It’s a great idea for you to return to the parking lot to talk.
To the business owners or managers. Parking lots are common in America.
Surveillance cameras captured the incident on tape. This
This is the most crucial piece of evidence. If your adjuster is not available,
that? Yes, she should. However, that doesn’t mean she will. Unfortunately
Many adjusters will take only a recorded statement from you and call it an.