Penalties for driving without insurance in Colorado

Driving without insurance can be illegal and could result in severe penalties. Each state has its own definition. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 16.3% Colorado drivers were not insured in 2019. This makes Colorado the 13th most uninsured state. Colorado law prohibits drivers from driving without insurance. You could face fines, penalties and other consequences that could have a negative impact on your future.

Colorado requires minimum insurance

Each state has its own minimum insurance requirements. Colorado requires all drivers to have the following minimum insurance coverage

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury/death in an accident
  • $50,000 for all bodily injury/death to anyone in an accident;
  • $15,000 per accident for property damage

These coverage limits will keep you legal but it is a good idea for you to get more than the minimum required insurance to protect you financially and legally in case of an accident.

Colorado drivers without insurance face severe penalties

Driving without insurance in Colorado is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Penalties include up to one year in jail, $500-1000 or more in fines, and 40 hours community service.

You can also get four points on your driver’s license and your registration and driving privileges could be suspended. You will need to file an SR-22 certificate for three or more years if your driver’s licence is suspended.

Multiple offenses can result in greater penalties from the state. They are also likely to impact your future auto insurance premiums or your eligibility for any auto coverage.

Colorado’s online insurance verification program charges fees

Colorado has an online insurance verification program called Sircon. It is managed by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs. This system allows drivers and insurers to log insurance policies and cancellations so that the state can track which vehicle owners have met the minimum insurance requirements.

If the system detects a vehicle registered without insurance, the state will send a notice to its owner. Below is a list of some of the fees and penalties drivers can face if they are found without insurance.

Reason for the feeThe fee amount
First offense: Driving without insuranceMaximum $500
Second offense for driving without insuranceMaximum $1000
Third offense for driving without insuranceMaximum $1000
Reinstating your license$40

In an accident and not having insurance

You will be penalized and responsible for the accident if you drive without insurance. Colorado is considered an at-fault jurisdiction. This means that the other driver is responsible for any damages to your vehicle and all medical costs if it is not your fault. You could be cited on the spot for driving without insurance, and you may face penalties.

The consequences of not having insurance if you are at fault for an accident can be very severe. Your pocket will most likely cover all property and bodily injuries sustained by the other party. Your vehicle damage and injuries will be your responsibility.

You could also be sued if you drive without insurance or are involved in an accident. This could lead to very high costs if the other driver doesn’t have uninsured motorist coverage.

Questions frequently asked

What happens if you give false information about your insurance?

Driving without insurance in Colorado can lead to your license being suspended and jail time. False information regarding your insurance can result in up to three years imprisonment and fines of up to $100,000.

What is the cost of Colorado car insurance?

The average national cost of car insurance for minimum coverage is $565 and full coverage $1,674. Colorado’s average car insurance cost is $2,016 per year. Colorado is more expensive than other states.

Do I need full or minimal coverage?

It is often in your best interests to get full coverage car insurance. If your car is new or you have a loan, full coverage could save you money in the end. If you are unable to afford full coverage, minimum coverage might be the best choice. Talk to an insurance agent if you are unsure about your options.

Are there discounts that can be used to reduce my car insurance premiums

Most Colorado car insurance companies offer discounts to drivers. You can get discounts for being a good student, bundling your home and auto insurance, or not having to file any claims within a specified time period.