Profit From Hiring Insurance Sales Assistants


Insurance agents consider time capital. Time is not enough for insurance agents who are successful.

An insurance agent might spend several hours calling the phone during a busy day. There may be simple queries or more complex requests. There will be hundreds of emails to answer before the day ends. Insurance agents know that time is a precious commodity.

To increase their productivity, insurance producers may look into other options. Sales assistants are a great resource. You can rely on your insurance sales assistant to help you grow and develop your business.

Sales assistants are more than answering phones or mailing letters. The job scope has been expanded to meet changing business requirements and the higher expectations of customers.

Assistants in insurance sales should not be restricted to administrative tasks. They should be prepared to take on more responsibility. They are able to accept new and more complex tasks and gain new skills. This makes them much more valued and helps them learn new things.

A sales assistant is a person who can help agents build a profitable business.

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(a) Follow up

Sales assistants can assist you in compiling and keeping track of clients’ most recent information, such as marriages, divorces or child births, deaths, and so on. This information could lead to sales opportunities.

Your sales assistant is another pair of eyes and ears. They help you ensure that the information you have about your customers is correct. Your sales assistant can be another pair of eyes or ears to help you manage a variety of tasks that could otherwise distract from your focus on sales-generating activities.

(b) Paperwork

Sales happen on the ground for insurance agents. Sales agents will generate more business if they spend more time with customers. Agents don’t have to spend their time filling out paperwork. Sales assistants can free up their time.

This is an opportunity cost for you, as the time you would have spent prospecting and meeting with customers is being used to sort information or enter account data. These tasks can be taken care of by your sales assistant.

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(c) Better customer service

If you are unable to respond to customer’s requests or complaints, sales assistants will be your first point of contact. Your customers will receive prompt advice and services from sales assistants which improves the quality of your service.

Your insurance company will benefit greatly from an organized sales assistant. Your sales assistant ensures that your customers are satisfied while you’re out in the field bringing in new business. Your role and the role of your sales assistant complement each other and are interdependent.

(d) Sales tools support

With the help of insurance agents, sales assistants can conduct research, create prospecting materials, and create sales presentations. It’s a win-win situation where both the sales assistants and the customer learn new skills while working on the assignment. You can also perfect your sales presentation scripts.

Sales assistants won’t view any new task as an added burden, but an opportunity to improve themselves. You can, on the other hand focus your energy on tasks that you are professionally trained in such as complex estate planning or retirement planning.

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(d) Improve persistency

In general, insurance companies send reminder notices to policyholders informing them of their due premium payments. An assistant sales representative can contact customers personally to promote business relationships that will lead to greater customer loyalty.

Customers may complain first to sales assistants. They are the first to address customer concerns and can help customers resolve their complaints. To be a successful business, you need perseverance.

Competent sales assistants can be a valuable asset to your company. They should be rewarded for their efforts and recognized. Encourage them to pursue professional development, whether it is in correspondence with industry changes or business. Your business is worth investing in sales assistants.