Progressive Auto Insurance Company Review


Progressive Auto Insurance Company is an established and trusted insurance company offering car insurance coverage to many US citizens. To better understand Progressive Auto Insurance Company, read this review and decide if they are a good fit for you.

Customers today need to shop around for the best automobile insurance before making a decision. Some customers prefer to work with smaller insurance companies while others prefer the convenience of having coverage with a nationwide company. This could be because big auto insurance companies are more financially secure, which allows members to rest assured that they will be compensated in the event of an accident. They also have a greater number of employees, which results in faster claims processing. Progressive Automobile Insurance Company has become a household name because of its excellent customer service and the great commercials it produces. Progressive was founded in 1937 by Jack Green and Joseph Lewis, two lawyers who were solely focused on providing protection and security for vehicle owners.

Innovation has been a key aspect of the company’s success, and they have continued to work towards it throughout the years. Progressive was the first company to offer a direct insurance claim service. They also offered the option to pay the premium in installments. This latter option attracted customers who couldn’t afford the full payment each year. In 1971, they became publicly traded and moved their headquarters from Chicago to Cleveland. In 1987, the company had exceeded $1 billion in insurance premiums. However, it took them only seven years to achieve the $2Billion mark. They continued to expand and now offer auto insurance as well as home and property insurance.

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The company’s assets grew from $3.5 billion to $14 billion between 1996 and 2005. Progressive is the third largest auto insurance company in the United States and one of the most respected insurance companies. Experts in the field of insurance predict Progressive Auto Insurance will continue growing. A.M. Best has rated Progressive as one the best companies in financial performance and security.

Their website is one of the key factors that has propelled Progressive Insurance Company to the top in the insurance industry. Progressive Insurance Company was the first to create a website in 1995, when the Internet was only beginning to gain popularity with companies across the United States. Although it started out as a website that only contained information, it quickly evolved into something more interactive and gained customers.

Progressive prides itself on having one of the most impressive websites in the business. A Progressive website offers customers a policy and service management section that allows policyholders to log in to make payments, change their policies, and so on. You can also view rates from other companies online and access a rate ticker to see what rate you have been charged. The company has a chat feature called “Talk to Me”, which allows customers to ask questions about their quote and to get clarifications from a customer service representative.

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Progressive offers a variety of discounts to help its customers save money, just like every other company. E-sign discounts are available to customers who sign and enroll on the Progressive website. This allows them to save $50 immediately and the pay in complete discount allows them to pay the entire amount in one lump payment. This can help to save more than 10%. Other discounts include, but are not limited too, the good student discount, multiple car insurance policies and the good driver discount. Because discounts can vary by state, it is important to contact your Progressive Insurance Agent or visit your local office for more information.

Additional features available to Progressive members include total loss replacement (in the event you total your vehicle after an accident), and accident forgiveness. This allows customers to lock in their rate and avoid rising rates following an unexpected crash. It is also important to talk about the premium options available to premium members, who pay slightly more each year. Customers who are premium members have access to superior claims service, which allows them drop off their car immediately after the accident and immediate response vehicles that arrive as soon as they get in a wreck.

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Progressive will grow if they offer their customers multiple options in coverage, discounts, deductibles and other services. Two lawyers started Progressive in search of a better way to start their careers. Today, Progressive is one of America’s top automobile insurance companies.