Progressive vs. State Farm: car insurance comparison

Progressive Insurance holds the third-largest auto insurance market share in the U.S. with 13.3%. Progressive offers more than 30 products for personal and business insurance and has more than 18,000,000 customers in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Progressive is well-known for its innovative online resources, programs and tools.

With 16.19% of the market, State Farm Insurance has become the largest U.S. auto insurer. State Farm also offers a wide range of popular coverages and some exclusive options. State Farm has 19,000 agents in the United States that sell insurance.

Comparison of car insurance rates between Progressive and State Farm

In terms of their average annual premiums, and third-party ratings, State Farm and Progressive are similar. Progressive’s rates are generally slightly more expensive than State Farm’s, according to J.D. Power and AM Best rate them slightly higher than State Farm in terms customer satisfaction and financial strength ratings, respectively. Below is a comparison of Progressive’s average premiums and third party ratings:

Rates based on credit score

Bad credit drivers tend to pay higher car insurance premiums unless they live in Hawaii, California Washington, Massachusetts or Washington, where credit scores cannot be used to determine your auto insurance rates. Rates may be affected for drivers with excellent, poor or average credit. This depends on whether the insurer considers credit when determining your rates.

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Rates based on age

Due to their higher risk, young drivers tend to pay higher auto insurance rates that other drivers. The average premiums for Progressive vs. State Farm vary greatly depending on your age. Progressive is the most affordable option for 16-year olds, while State Farm rates are more expensive for drivers 18 years and older. Below are the rates for State Farm and Progressive based on age:

Driving record rates

According to the Insurance Information Institute, driving record can also impact your car insurance rates. State Farm has the lowest average rates for drivers who have a clean driving record, one speeding ticket, or one accident. Progressive will charge less for drivers with one DUI. Below is a table that compares the rates of Progressive and State Farm, based on driving records:

Progressive vs State Farm Discounts

State Farm and Progressive offer amazing auto insurance discounts to drivers who are looking to lower their premiums. Although there are some similarities in the discounts offered by these insurers, State Farm offers discounts that Progressive doesn’t and vice versa. Below are some auto insurance discounts offered by each carrier.

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  • Progressive offers a discount for teens who drive: Progressive may be able to reduce your premium if you add a new driver to your policy.
  • Snapshot program: Drivers can save on average $146 by using the Snapshot usage-based Insurance Safe Driver Program.
  • You can get a discount on your continuous insurance if you switch to Progressive from an insurance company. This is based on how long you have been insured with that carrier.

State Farm

  • State Farm offers vehicle safety discounts. State Farm will lower the cost of your auto insurance if you have certain safety features installed, such as seat belts, anti-theft systems, and front air bags.
  • Drive Safe & Save: This usage-based insurance program helps adult drivers to save up to 30% on auto insurance by demonstrating safe driving skills.
  • Steer Clear Program: Drivers under 25 years old are eligible for a lower rate when they have no claims for the past three years and successfully complete the safe driver training course.
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Comparison of State Farm vs. Progressive: Mobile and online experience

Both Progressive and State Farm offer great online experience. You can access their websites easily, get instant rates quotes and find helpful tools and resources. Progressive and State Farm offer an online claim submission platform that allows you to submit new claims or check on the status of existing ones without having to call an agent.

Progressive and State Farm also have mobile apps. Both companies offer an app-based safe driving telematics rewards program as well as a traditional app that allows you to make payments, receive your ID cards, and much more. We take a closer look at the mobile apps of State Farm and Progressive.


  • Apple App Store (3.5 Stars): Progressive’s iOS app carriers have an average rating. However, most reviews are for the company. This app is free for iPhone users. It allows them to access their ID cards, request roadside help, make a claim, and even pay their monthly premium.
  • Google Play: Progressive’s Android app has all the same features and ratings as the iOS app. However, this app is slightly more popular. Your phone can provide roadside assistance, help you pay your premiums, and report a claim.
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State Farm

  • Apple App Store (4.8 star) — State Farm’s iPhone app is fairly standard and has most of the same features as Progressive’s. You can file claims and get roadside assistance. You can also pay your premium via Apple Pay. Siri can also be used to access shortcuts.
  • Google Play (4.5 Stars) The State Farm Android application has the same features that the iPhone app. The app has mixed reviews. While some users are satisfied with the app, others have issues with the password recovery and payment system.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

Every driver will have a different opinion on the best auto insurance company. USAA may be the best choice for some drivers, while Progressive might be a better option for others. We recommend shopping around for insurance companies and getting multiple quotes in order to find the best deal for you.

What is the cost of car insurance?

For a full coverage policy, the average cost for car insurance is $1674 per annum. Keep in mind, however, that rates are tailored based on more then a dozen individual factors according to the Triple I. These include age, geographical location, occupation and marital status. Credit-based insurance scores (in most states), your choice of auto insurance carrier, as well the coverages and deductibles you choose.

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What kind of car insurance do you need?

In most states, auto insurance is mandatory. Each state has its own minimum coverage requirements. Personal liability insurance will be required. If you reside in a state with no fault, personal injury protection (PIP), will also be required. If you finance or lease your vehicle, collision and comprehensive coverages will not be required.