Protect Your Investment With Collector Car Insurance


Professional collector car insurance will protect you from any future mishaps by protecting your beloved automobile. Collectors often have to make a large financial investment. You can feel confident knowing that you are protected for the entire value of your item.

What is collector car insurance?

Insurance is about knowing that it will provide you with the protection you need in case of an emergency. Specialty auto insurance is a type of insurance that provides a collector with additional protection.

While the collector car policy covers all of the most common problems, such as fire, collision, theft, vandalism, a collector will need auto insurance that will cover them for more serious situations. Classic auto insurance, or collector car insurance, was designed for car collectors.

The main difference between collector and conventional auto insurance is the policy’s value and the requirements. As an example, a collector might have a 1970 Camaro Z28 that you bought in 1980 for $2,000; however, a dealer today would offer you $15,000 for it. If you only had conventional car insurance, it would be difficult to get back your $2,000 from the insurance company. You, however, know the value of your car as a collector. You agreed to the vehicle’s value when you bought classic car insurance. You would get the full value of your vehicle. By not purchasing the appropriate collector insurance, you are taking a huge risk.

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What are the requirements to get classic auto insurance?

As we have already mentioned, classic car insurance is different than conventional insurance.

* The collector must have at least 10 years of driving experience.
* A collector’s policy can not have teenagers or anyone with a poor driving record.
* The classic collector car is kept out of the elements.
* You can provide proof of another vehicle to be used for daily transportation.
* It may be disqualified depending on the age of your car.
* You may not be able to travel more than a certain number of miles per calendar month.

What is the worth of a collector policy?

A collector and the company will determine your car’s value when you purchase your classic car insurance policy. They will use three types of value to do this.

* Based on the replacement of the car, less depreciation.
* This is the stated value. However, it does not guarantee the entire stated value. It will also include a $1,000 deductible.
* The agreed value is the value that you and your insurance company agree on for the car. Rarely is there a deductible. If your classic was completely destroyed, you would receive the full policy value. Collectors of classic cars opt for special insurance to protect the collectible’s higher value.

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You can usually get a collector policy if you meet all requirements. You will be disappointed if you attempt to find traditional insurance that covers the classic. It will cost you more and offer little value when you do need it.

Companies that specialize in collector coverage often charge less. Collectors have discovered that they can save up to half of the cost of traditional insurance companies and offer higher limits.

Professional classic car insurance is a smart choice. Classic car insurance is essential for serious collectors of classic cars. It provides insurance coverage up to the market value of your car, and offers a 50% savings.

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