Protection From More Than Just Scary Halloween Monsters


This is because I live in a village that is closely linked to witchcraft. The Police set up roadblocks to prevent anyone from reaching our hilltop church on Halloween night. This is true. This is true according to many people. Legend has it that the devil will appear if you run around the church seven times in anticlockwise on that night.

Is it possible for people to still believe such beliefs in today’s world? There is much more to worry about than flying witches. If you are scared to the point of having your hair up at the back of the neck, I suggest looking into these UK statistics.

  • Less than 50% of people have enough savings to cover their outgoings for 3 months outgoings (Source:
  • 41% of 25-34-year-olds have less than PS250 savings. (Source: Financial Services Forum Oct 2010)

People with very little income are likely to face dire consequences as half a million jobs in the Public Sector will be eliminated, and possibly the same number in the Private Sector. Don’t forget about witches at night and other things that go bump during the night. This can be enough to scare anyone who believes their job is at risk.

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These statistics can be much more meaningful when they are compared with “real life”. YouGov conducted a poll for the Financial Services Forum recently and asked a nationally representative group of people which source they would use to pay their debts. 40% of respondents said that they would use their savings, while 20% didn’t know what to do. If they are unemployed for longer than three months, it would appear that at least half the people who depend on their savings will soon find themselves in financial trouble. They would not be able to pay their bills with the PS65.45 weekly Job Seekers Allowance.

Anyone can find it difficult to be out of work for more than six months. For those who have Unemployment Insurance, a monthly premium of between PS20 and PS40, they will be protected from mounting debts as well as the inevitable credit blacklisting. If the policyholder is unable to work, these insurance policies will pay for up to a year. This is often enough time to find another job, even in difficult times. Unemployment Insurance relieves the pressure. The policyholder has the option to find a job that suits them, or to be forced to accept any job in desperate times.

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If they know they have enough money to pay their mortgage, and other important bills, most people can handle the pressures of finding work. Imagine being under pressure to prepare for interviews with final demands and the fear of receiving calls from debt collectors or worse, the Bailiff’s Knock.

For those who can’t save enough money to start a nest egg, this cover is a great option. Premiums cost only five to ten dollars per week. It is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things. Any family can get protection from the unexpected with unemployment insurance. Don’t be afraid of scary pumpkin lanterns this Halloween. It’s better to have insurance to keep the wolf away from your door all year.

Do not let the fear of unemployment loom over your family after Halloween, or any other day of the year. Fear is not necessary. Even children are aware of the fake fangs and ghastly masks that were displayed on Halloween. Their parents can feel confident in facing scary job losses with a little financial planning and Unemployment Insurance.

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Dennis Haggerty FCII M IDM Marketing Manager specialises in the supply of low cost on line Unemployment Insurance, Lifestyle Protection, Income Protection and Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance.