Public Liability For DJs – A Brief Guide

You will likely be asked to show proof of Public Liability Insurance if you plan on providing mobile disco services.

Public hire and hotel venues can determine the amount of indemnity needed. It’s worth researching the area where you intend to provide service to get an idea of the ‘PLI’ required.

Although “PLI” is not required by law, as venues have the right to set their own criteria, it’s worth having. Otherwise, the mobile DJ could lose the chance to work the venue or any other venue that requires PLI. In the event of a claim, the DJ would not be forced to remortgage their home or sell-up for damages.

Public Liability Insurance will cover you against any claim by the venue for damage to your property. In the event of an “accident”, the policy will cover individuals and groups who are injured at a function, as well as damage to property caused by direct actions or negligence on the DJ’s part.

Many wedding venues require that entertainment services and DJs provide hard copies of PLI coverage in advance. This is to ensure that the DJ can be available on the couple’s ‘big day’. Otherwise, their reputation will plummet.

Both experienced mobile DJs and newbie DJs are at risk of being sued for any reason. These risks are not limited to hotels or public hire venues. With liability insurance, the possibility of an expensive court case that would have to be paid out of one’s own pocket in the event of an accident is greatly reduced.

The ‘No win no fee’ TV ads that help to compensate minor injuries for victims of accidents have been seen many times. Now consider what happens if serious injury or disability is caused by the actions of a DJ. You can also claim for medical bills, trauma compensation and loss of earnings. Death may be the end for an unfortunate person who is unable to physically file a claim. However, the victim’s family would likely pursue a case along with any fines the Health and Safety Executive may decide to seek. Even the most cautious and careful DJs are not immune to accident.

Examples include:- Lighting can drop from gantry, third party can trip over cables and electrical equipment or power cables could cause electric shocks. Speakers could cause hearing damage for some, speakers could cause hearing loss, smoke machines could cause breathing problems for others, lasers and strobe lights can trigger epileptic fits, lasers and bubble lighting can trigger slippery surfaces, tripods could fall over, rigging could be too balanced, flight-cases could pose trip hazards, etc.

Where do I get DJ Public Liability? Based on my experience, the minimum level for Public Liability Insurance offered by non-profit organizations (as a benefit to membership) is much more affordable than purchasing PLI through nonspecialist broker services. Membership to established DJ Associations or the Musicians Union can provide PLI coverage up to PS10,000,000 pounds. Although this level of indemnity will cover most Hotel needs, I recommend you carefully read the actual Public Liability Insurance policy terms as well as exclusions.

Be aware, however, that although policy’s included with membership may be considered a ‘benefit’ of membership, if you sign up for membership mid-term, you will not be covered for PLI for the remaining policy term.

If there are any claims made during your current policy term, the premium for the next year may rise. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the entity that you sign up for insures that no future premium increases will be covered by you or your members. Otherwise, you could find yourself without PLI coverage for the rest of your membership.