Purchasing Insurance Internet Leads – Tips & Hints – Buy Rehashed Or Recycled Leads?

It is difficult to find quality internet leads for insurance. How reliable are the internet leads that you pay hard cash for? These rehashed, recycled internet leads can be bought with these tips and hints.

A smart internet-based insurance company will maximize its profit potential, without worrying about your wallet. Many of these lead companies can also be licensed to sell insurance. Some companies sell the same lead multiple times and some lie to claim they offer exclusive leads.

The average price of an internet-generated life insurance lead is about $15.00. There are many vendors that charge different amounts for leads. Some charge $6.00 while others charge $50.00. A $6.00 internet lead often generates more interest from agents than the rest. Sometimes, cheapness wins over quality. Numerous agents rush forward in a raging fire and miss the prize. This can lead to third-degree financial burns.

True qualified leads allow you to sell your insurance product to an interested prospect who is financially and medically qualified. Are you sure that cheap internet leads are all the same?

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If you buy a non-exclusive shared lead, be careful. These recycled leads have the lowest price, and with good reason. The internet lead company that sells the same $10.00 lead to six agents will immediately double the number. This type of bought lead can help you close 10%. Your lead will cost you $35.00 plus additional time and gas. These leads may not be at your usual closing rate of 35%. If you take into account the time it takes to make a sale, your actual cost would be over $100.00.

You also have the luxury lead. This lead is only available to you as an agent. This is partially true. This tip has been discovered by a small number of internet lead buyers and could save you hundreds. This tip is free because I’m not selling internet leads to agents.

You should verify that the company offering the lead is licensed to sell insurance. You should carefully examine their website, and look for an insurance form that allows clients to tick off boxes. If the form is not available, contact the internet company to verify its source. They will usually tell you if they are trustworthy. You should check to make sure that the client is allowed to buy insurance directly from them.

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These insurance leads are they being resold? You might be interested in the possibility that leads were sold to you by another online firm that sells insurance directly to consumers. This could be because the client was not convinced by the first firm. What closing ratio opportunities do you have with an exclusive lead already working?

Another valuable tip: Shotgun email blasting is a common method of generating leads for internet-based insurance companies. It can generate as much as 90% to 100% of the lead responses for some firms. Sometimes they also purchase a responder’s list. This list includes people who have responded at least once. This could be any type of internet product or survey. There are many people who love to answer any and all questions. These names can be incorporated into leads that you purchase. These are the reasons they may not be a qualified prospect.

Which vehicle will get you the highest quality leads and best return on your investment? You must first test the vehicle and then not make a commitment to long-term buying. Avoid any company that offers free leads. The post office will not give you stamps for free to test. An internet lead company will try to get your attention with free lead offers. Free stamps are something I’d choose to receive from an internet lead company. This way, I can be certain that I received something useful.

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The desired result of insurance internet leads is to increase your closing ratio and lower wasted appointments and gas prices.

You can also check the internet to find Direct Mail leads for insurance. All leads will only be returned to you. You will need to spend more upfront. If you are looking to make a career selling insurance, the return on your investment will be the best way to measure results. You will be proud of your appointment rate, the sales ratio, and the average sale amount.

Your career can be stifled by rehashed, recycled and unsuccessfully sold prospects in insurance. These leads are just grit, not real leads. There are many good insurance leads online, but you need to do your research on how to get them.