Safeco vs State Farm


State Farm policies and products differ from Safeco. Safeco was established in Seattle in 1923 as the General Insurance Company. It was then bought by Liberty Mutual in 2008. According to yougov, Safeco has the highest popularity among millennials. Safeco was created to offer the highest level of service via the mobile app, website, or independent agents.

State Farm is the best-known company for its traditional approach to insurance. State Farm, the nation’s largest carrier, was established in Bloomington in Illinois in 1922. State Farm has a strong mobile app and website, but it is stronger when it comes to local agents. 19,000 local agents are available in all parts of the country.

Comparison of car insurance rates between State Farm and Safeco

You can get a better idea of State Farm’s strengths and weaknesses by reviewing the key factors that affect how car insurance companies perform. AM Best’s rating gives an indication of a carrier’s financial strength. J.D. The J.D. Power Score is based upon an annual study that collects responses from policyholders about customer satisfaction regarding claims and general customer service.

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Rates based on credit score

Insurance carriers will review your credit history to determine your insurance premiums, unless you’re a resident in Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, or Michigan. Insurance companies charge more for coverage if you have a lower credit score. Statistics used by insurance companies to show that car owners with bad credit are more likely than others to file insurance claims.

Rates based on age

Younger drivers, such as teenagers or young adults below 25, typically pay the highest insurance premiums. Rates are higher because of a driver’s lack experience and the high number of accidents for the age group. Good news: premiums will drop for most policies once you reach 18 if you don’t have any tickets or claims.

Driving record rates

The general rule is that the better your driving record, generally speaking, the lower your premiums. Although rates are not available for Safeco, State Farm and Safeco offer more discounts to safer drivers.

Safeco vs State Farm: discounts

State Farm and Safeco offer the same insurance discounts that you would expect from any insurance provider. You will often find discounts for safe driving, autopay, and paperless billing. There are some savings that each carrier offers:

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  • RightTrack – Sign up for the driver track program to receive a discount of up to $513 per annum based on your driving habits.
  • Cash back without any claims — Receive a check for 2.5% (or 5%) of your premium for each six months that you have not filed a claim.

State Farm

  • Steer Clear — This program helps drivers younger than 25 learn how to drive safer. Your premiums could be reduced by avoiding accidents, tickets, and claims for three consecutive years.
  • Multiline — Buying insurance for more than one vehicle, your home, or rental car with State Farm could save you money. Multi-car discounts can save you as much as 20% Multi-line discounts can save you as much as 17%

Comparison of State Farm vs. Safeco: Online and Mobile Experience

Both companies have strong digital presences and offer a fully-featured mobile app as well as an easy-to-navigate website. State Farm’s online knowledge and resources are more extensive than Safeco’s. The mobile app for Safeco was recently redesigned. Policyholders are giving positive feedback.

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  • Apple Store Safeco’s iOS app received 4.8 from 24,000 reviews. In just a few clicks, you can pay your bill with your debit or credit cards and file or track any claims.
  • Google Play The Safeco app received a rating of 3.9 out 5 from 1,400 votes. For security purposes, the app can be integrated with your smartphone via facial recognition and fingerprint ID. You can contact your agent for roadside assistance or call the number above to access your documents and bills via the app.

State Farm

  • Apple Store – The State Farm app has received rave reviews from iOS users with a score of 4.8% out of 5. From 328,000 votes. You can now choose your rental car while your car is being repaired with the latest update. It integrates with all State Farm coverages, and allows you to file a claim in just few steps.
  • Google Play – The State Farm app has been rated 4.7 out 5 by over 68,000 Google Play users. You can pay your bills and file vehicle and property claims, as well as order roadside assistance and search for repair facilities.
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Questions frequently asked

Is Safeco represented in local areas?

Independent insurance agents sell insurance from Safeco. Safeco does not have a specific office, but you can manage most of your insurance needs online.

Which carrier is more available in most areas of the State Farm vs. Safeco comparison?

Both State Farm and Safeco are available in every state. State Farm has 19,000 agents and dedicated offices across the country. Safeco can be obtained through independent agents across the country.