Sales Presentation Skills Tips – Selling Techniques to Increase Sales of Insurance

Selling skills and sales techniques are only useful for insurance sales if an agent is familiar with them. Here are some tips and tricks for selling insurance. Continue reading.

The training provided to new agents is minimal. One exception is how to set up appointments and what the company expects them to say during a presentation. Their sales manager expects agents to master both scripts, which are both “century-old” and must be followed exactly. Because a few of their predecessors used the same rehearsed methods, it is obvious that they are effective. If you have the right people to present with, this is okay.

This is unfortunately the reality of life with many people reacting in different ways.

Without the right skills, insurance sales prospecting can lead to a career-ending process. You are doomed to failure if you try to learn prospecting techniques by following a script. Despite knowing the responses to nearly every objection, you still haven’t learned the core lesson of successful sales presentation making.

When is it time to stop talking

While everyone is suspect, very few people are potential prospects. Occasionally, you might have someone to make an appointment with. Sales presentation skills are therefore priceless.

Talking is not the way to go. Although you were taught how to talk, the best salespeople are keen listeners. Most people don’t want to be forced to buy more insurance. Consider a 20% closing rate if you see 8 prospects per week. This translates into about 34 presentations per month and 7 sales. Experienced agents listen carefully to determine the right prospect for them. Although only six to seven quality prospects may be seen, 50% of the sales opportunities are closed by an experienced agent who uses selling techniques. These results can be drastically different. There were 28 monthly presentations, and 14 sales. Professional insurance presentation skills and not being afraid of being fussy helped to save time. The sales reached double.

This is the easy way to solve your problem.

Realize that not everyone is ready to listen to your insurance sales presentation. Understanding that you will get objections after objection is a sign you are giving up on the prospect. Long conversations and bad sales presentations will lead to failure. Remember that there are many people who will need your services. You will soon find out which ones if you listen carefully.

Sales Techniques: When to Close

Many lost insurance sales are due to the fact that the representative won’t stop talking. Don’t feel that you have to present your entire insurance presentation. This will increase your sales. This applies to describing the 101 benefits that people will get from the plan you present. Again, this is where the problem lies in less talking and more listening. You should bring the prospect to your presentation with the belief that they are already interested in buying from you. It is not necessary to fight, oversell, or go on.

In my prime years as an insurance salesperson, I remember many instances when I could complete a sales application in less than ten minutes. There were many times when I was completing a sales application in less than 10 minutes. A lot of times, I had to kick an agent’s feet as a sales manager who was watching a novice agent try their sales presentation skills. After the person had given the buying signals, it was time for the agent to stop talking and begin writing the application.

The Best Sales Presentation Skills Advice: Make sure you convince your prospect that they are trustworthy and explain how their particular emotional needs can be met. Stop the presentation.

Your sales and prospecting skills should be tailored to each person. You will soon learn when you are speaking enough if you only ask or say what you need. Remember that 80% closing rate is better than 20% in insurance sales.

Talking too much will make you nauseous. Listen, learn and earn.