Save Big Dollars on Car Insurance – Many People Save Hundreds of Dollars

Car insurance is essential because the majority of people own cars. Car insurance is mandatory for anyone who drives a car in any state. Some states have severe penalties for those who do not have insurance. In Texas, for example, if your vehicle is stopped for a traffic offense and you don’t have proof of insurance, it will be towed. You must have auto insurance if you own a car. It is required by law.

These are the top mistakes people make when buying car insurance.

Consumers make the most common error of automatically renewing their auto insurance with their current insurance provider. Insurance companies constantly adjust their programs to determine the rate at which you will pay for auto insurance. Worst of all, insurance companies have very different programs that affect your insurance costs. One company might consider your vehicle a family sedan. Another company might consider it a sports car if it is equipped with a standard transmission or a larger engine. You will get 10 rate quotes from different companies for the same coverage. Prices can vary by as much as a thousand dollars.

You don’t want to spend extra on your insurance unless you are willing to compare rates with at least 10 insurance companies. This mistake could cost you big, big money if you don’t. Always compare at least 10 companies.

A common mistake consumers make is to buy their car insurance through the dealership where they purchased their car. Don’t assume that a dealer will offer you the lowest price for your auto insurance. Car dealers can offer some of the most expensive insurance. You can almost guarantee that you will save significant money if you compare car insurance quotes from different dealers.

What have we learned? Before purchasing or renewing car insurance, you should shop at least 10 insurance companies. To find out more about affordable auto insurance, do yourself a favor and check out “Cut Insurance Prices”.

It was difficult to get quotes from 10 insurance companies in the past. To get the information you required, you had to meet or call 10 insurance agents. It was necessary to complete 10 forms, give 10 copies of your driver’s licence, and provide additional personal information 10 times. This was a huge hassle that most people wouldn’t have to go through. They would rather spend several hundred dollars more on car insurance than deal with 10 insurance agents.

You can compare 15 of the top insurance companies across the country today with the help of the internet in just 15 minutes. It’s never been easier to find affordable auto insurance. You can log onto the internet and fill in your zip code. After filling out the short form, you’ll receive the best 4 quotes (free) from 15 of America’s most reputable insurance companies. It is quick, simple, hassle-free, and absolutely free. You can save hundreds on your auto insurance. It’s easy to get affordable auto insurance.