Sea Mar Community Health – What Insurance Does Sea Mar Accept?

At Sea Mar Turning Point Treatment Center, our holistic approach consists of treating the whole person; mind, body and spirit. This includes fitness and nutrition education classes as well as individual and group addiction counseling services with 12 Step integration.

No matter if you need assistance enrolling in public benefits programs or are covered by insurance policies, our Certified Navigators are ready to provide guidance through the entire eligibility and enrollment process.


Sea Mar Community Health has long been providing healthcare services to the surrounding community. Offering both Medicare and PPO plans to make accessing necessary treatment easier for their patients, as well as self-pay prices for those without insurance, they aim to serve a larger portion of people while being dedicated to providing outstanding healthcare services in return.

This clinic is well equipped to address non-life threatening medical needs, providing prompt and efficient care for their patients. They offer routine immunizations, chronic care management and even basic lab tests and X-rays in order to diagnose certain conditions – and even offer same day appointments in emergency cases!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the clinic has been busy serving islanders seeking protection against its virus. Since January, over 3,600 free vaccine shots have been administered at this location – increasing patient satisfaction scores significantly and also serving as an excellent alternative to emergency rooms. Additionally, this facility serves as a hub for telemedicine visits, which is becoming an invaluable alternative healthcare service provider.

Counseling services offered at the clinic also include alcohol and drug addiction counseling. Their team of seasoned counselors utilize established treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, moral recognition therapy and 12-Step integration as part of an holistic approach. Co-occurring disorders may occur; therefore they strive to address them as part of treatment as part of an holistic approach.

Sea Mar’s federally qualified health centers serve thousands of Medicaid beneficiaries annually and offer medical, dental, behavioral health services as well as housing assistance and support services. Their locations span across Western Washington and they have earned accreditation by the Joint Commission.

Education and training are also key components of this organization. Through partnerships with various graduate schools to provide clinical placements for their students. Furthermore, they serve as a training site for University of Washington’s Family Medicine Clerkship program for third-year medical students, while AmeriCorps HealthCorps also offers shadowing opportunities to high schoolers.


Lacey, WA’s esteemed urgent care center affiliated with Sea Mar Community Health provides patients with quality of care they require. Accepting various insurance plans, they offer services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay; staff is on hand to assist with enrolling into insurance as applicable.

Sea Mar provides a sliding fee scale discount to those unable to afford its usual fees. In order to apply, bring proof of annual household income. This may include your most recent 1040 tax return form or two or more recent pay check stubs as proof, or an official letter from any agency providing financial support such as DSHS, SSI or Unemployment benefits.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) are health insurance plans that require you to visit in-network doctors and hospitals for care, typically at lower out-of-pocket costs than HMOs but often come with higher deductibles.

Sea Mar provides comprehensive medical, dental, preventive health services, human services and shelter to those experiencing homelessness in Washington state. Their mobile dental and medical clinic is located in Whatcom County while their shelter-based clinic operates at Project Homeless Connects events and their homeless-only medical clinic is in Pierce County – as well as food, housing and human support services for its participants. In addition, Sea Mar provides third-year medical students a unique Family Medicine Residency program which gives them a firm foundation from which they can serve vulnerable populations while making positive contributions in their communities – something no other medical residency programs provide.


Sea Mar is one of Western Washington’s leading providers of Community Health and Human Services, operating over 90 medical, dental, behavioral health clinics in 13 counties as well as housing, education and cultural services. They accept most insurance plans including Apple Health (Medicaid), as well as offering a sliding fee scale option for uninsured customers.

Parker alleges that Sea Mar violated the FCA by filing false Medicaid reimbursement claims, creating the impression that dental hygienists or medical assistants provided care instead. Furthermore, Parker alleges that Sea Mar improperly billed for these treatments under dentists’ National Provider Identifier numbers and taxonomy codes; which violated FCA.

In his lawsuit, Sea Mar is charged with falsified billings due to failing to adequately describe the dental services it offered Medicaid beneficiaries. Furthermore, his suit alleges that their practice of unbundling dental hygienist services from dentist services as an attempt at fraudulently increasing encounter fees set by state Medicaid programs for FQHCs providing qualifying Medicaid services.

Defendants have filed a motion to dismiss the Second Amended Complaint on grounds that its allegations do not meet either Rule 8’s relaxed pleading standards or Rule 9’s stringent ones. After reviewing materials presented for and against this motion, oral argument was no longer required by the Court.

Sea Mar’s treatment methodology takes an integrative approach that addresses mind, body and spirit. This incorporates cutting-edge psychology and medical advances along with tried and true addiction recovery methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing – while at the same time emphasizing physical fitness and nutrition.

Sea Mar’s certified navigators assist individuals in discovering whether they qualify for public benefits programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, enrolling in health plans, explaining eligibility criteria, enrollment procedures and providing comparison services – all free services provided in person at all Sea Mar locations.


Self-pay patients, who pay for services out-of-pocket, are known as self-pay patients. Self-pay patients are usually uninsured or under-insured and struggle to afford medical treatments, making collection of fees due from them essential in providing high-quality healthcare services to all their patients regardless of insurance status.

Self-pay patients can be identified via a patient registration process. Healthcare providers will ask patients for identification documents such as photo ID cards and income proof in order to assess eligibility and then present them with an itemized list of costs for services before asking them to pay when making appointments.

Costs associated with medical services depend on both location and type of visit. Your healthcare provider will also offer information regarding payment assistance or sliding fee discounts that could assist in making an informed decision for care, as well as describe any specific tests or procedures to expect during their visit.

Sea Mar is dedicated to eliminating health disparities and improving individuals in its communities through providing primary medical, dental and behavioral health services for individuals experiencing homelessness. Sea Mar also hosts homeless-only medical clinics in Pierce County as well as mobile medical/dental clinics at Project Homeless Connects events held each year in Whatcom and Skagit counties.

Self-pay patients need a plan and emergency fund dedicated exclusively to healthcare expenses in order to successfully navigate their finances. Doing this will allow individuals to anticipate future needs and be better prepared for unexpected costs. In addition, individuals should seek out affordable options and resources such as community clinics or discount prescription programs.

Co-occurring disorders are an integral component of substance abuse treatment and can have an adverse impact on treatment outcomes. At Sea Mar Turning Point, their multidisciplinary team of professionals understand that addressing these issues is key for each Community Member’s recovery and long-term sobriety, hence offering an integrated approach that addresses mind, body, and spirit.