Secrets to Getting the Right Protection for Your Nursery, Pre School or Kindergarten

Many people and businesses don’t want to have insurance.

Insurance is not something most people want. Most people don’t like insurance.

You probably want protection for your family, loved ones, business, and what is most important to your life. Many people associate insurance with words such as:

Rip-off, expensive, wasteful of money, annoying, boring, and many other things!

For most people and businesses, insurance is essential as it provides protection and peace-of-mind.

There are literally thousands of providers, brokers, and insurance companies. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right coverage for your nursery, pre-school, or kindergarten when you are faced with so many choices.

Insurance companies rarely give customers free advice. This article will provide you with some valuable information. These steps will help you find the best coverage for you, at the right price and with the best service.

Secret Number 1

It is the first trick to ensuring you have the right coverage at the right premium. Although it may be difficult to believe, it works.

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Are you sitting comfortably??? It’s here:

If you are calling around to get quotes (and I recommend that anyone looking for Nursery Insurance do so face-to-face or over the phone), chances are that you will be asked “What is your current premium?” You might also be asked “What is the lowest price you have ever paid?”

When asked this question, the biggest mistake is not telling the person asking it. When you are asked for the best price, TELL THEM.

Many people believe that telling your insurance provider your premium will put you at an advantage. It is actually the reverse. Let me explain:

A good insurance provider will know if your premium is too high, low, or just right. With this information, they can give you an instant indication if they are able to get a lower premium. They can save your time and tell you if they are unable to.

You should also tell them if they ask about your premium. The vast majority of insurance companies won’t give you the lowest price unless they offer something better. I will repeat that if you don’t give your broker/company a price to match, chances are you won’t get the best premium. If you tell them, they will be able to use that information when dealing with your insurance company, which can ultimately save you money.

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Don’t let price be your only option. Mrs Blogs, for example, is searching for Nursery Insurance at a price of PS2500.00. It’s too expensive, so she refuses to answer the question “What is the best price that you have received so far?” She decides to go low at PS1800.00. This will make it easy for companies to see that the price is low, and some won’t even offer a quote. There’s a good chance Mrs Blogs could have saved money if she had stated PS2500.00 upfront.

Secret Number 1: Be honest when searching for insurance. It’s the best way you can get the best premium. It really works.

Secret Number 2

Secret number 2 is commonsense, but many Nurseries don’t realize this because they focus on the price. A second way to make sure you have the right coverage is to work with an insurance provider that understands your needs.

Listening to their questions, how they ask them, and how they respond to your answers will help you establish this. It’s likely that they will start a conversation about your Nursery because they have more information about you.


If they are very scripted in their conversations and don’t get the message you want, or ask the questions you expect, it could be because they don’t really understand your business. This could lead to you not receiving the correct coverage or even being denied insurance.

Secret Number 3

Ask questions. Many people spend their time answering questions and ringing around to find Nursery insurance, Preschool Insurance, or Kindergarten Insurance. Secret 3 is to ask questions in order to determine if they offer the right coverage and premiums, as well as the best level of customer service. These are some examples of questions you might like to ask:

What will they do in the event of a claim?
Are they experienced? How many years have they been trading? Which Insurance companies does it use if they are a broker?
If they are brokers, are they independent? This means, do they have access or are they tied to one insurance company or multiple policies?

These questions will help you decide if you want to work with them and if you trust them to do so.

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Secret Number 4

Fourth and final tip to ensure you get the best insurance provider. This may seem odd as insurance is the most expensive purchase a Kindergarten, Pre-School, or Nursery will make.

This is why many Pre-Schools, Nurseries and Kindergartens base their decisions on the price of insurance. Anyone looking for nursery insurance, pre-school insurance, kindergarten insurance or any type of business insurance should not assume that the cheapest is best.

While a low premium is a good thing, it is not the only thing you should be looking for. A premium that is too low without considering other factors may still be worth it. You may also want a low premium.

Are they located?
Are they friendly? (We all prefer to do business with people we love)
What is the name of this insurance company? Are you familiar with them?
What is the excess? You must agree on the excess and not just a low premium.
Are they well-respected?
Are they willing to listen and make sure you get the point?

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These four simple tips will make it easier to deal with insurance for your Kindergarten, Pre-School, or Nursery. Although I can’t guarantee that Insurance will be your favorite hobby, I would be very concerned if it did! There is a good chance that the coverage you get will match your expectations. The premiums you pay for insurance will be lower than they have been before, and you will be happy to give the service and recommend it.