Secrets to Passing the California Insurance License Exam

California, like most States, requires you to pass a government-mandated license exam before you can sell insurance. You must also complete 52 hours of prelicense training. Thankfully, this can be done online. You will need to pass separate license exams and take separate training courses in order to sell property and casualty insurance. This is different from selling life and health policies. You must also continue your education every two years. Additional training classes are required to sell certain insurance products such as annuity investment, long-term care insurance, flood insurance, and/or long-term care insurance.

If you plan to read the State handbooks and reread all of the material from your license course, and then take a crash course on test-taking, I can almost assure that you won’t pass California Insurance Exam. These exams are difficult because they contain many complicated and confusing questions. . . The trademark of all government and quasi-government licensing exams. What does it take for you to pass? This is what we will be covering in this article. There is a way out of this madness.

Beware of Crazy Tips and Advice Here is some information about the State Exam. These tips and rants are best ignored.
You can pass a cram course by yourself. Check out the cram classes below.
“I was instructed to skip all questions on the state exam. These questions are already locked in so that the computer doesn’t produce more difficult ones. (A crazy conspiracy theory).
A live teacher is the best way to succeed. They will help you find the right words to get your message across. They will tell you things that cannot be written” (Bunk). . . The State monitors classes. To pass, you will need more than just buzz words.
“Use common sense when answering the exam questions.” (It won’t work).
“By using elimination you can find the right answer.” It can sometimes work, but it would be necessary to have a good understanding of the subject in order to eliminate incorrect answers.
“I scored 90% on my online practice tests. . . I’m ready”. (Many of these 90%ers still fail. There are practice tests and there are practice exam. Check out the following.
“Online courses are always a failure for people who enroll in them.” (Bunk . . . Our online school has a high pass rate. . . It’s how you use the material that matters.
“Study the course material. . . “You will pass” (There’s more to it. It could be a variation of the material that you have learned.
“Just search for certain buzz words to find the answer.” The State has all the buzz words. . . They won’t be beaten this way.

California Special
Although it may seem obvious, make sure the California-specific courses and exam prep materials that you are taking are California-specific. Online courses and practice exams that are generic won’t prepare or allow you to sit for the State Exam. Register with an approved California provider to ensure you’re taking the correct course for your license.

The State Exam
Before you can sit for State Exam, the State requires you to complete pre-license training. These certificates are your “ticket” to the State Exam. They are available at state offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

You will need proper identification, including a valid driver’s license, passport, military ID, and other forms of identification, to take the exam. The State Exam is computer-based. The Life Only License has 75 questions. There are 150 questions for Fire & Casualty and 75 for Accident & Healthcare.

To pass, you must score 70% or higher. You can take the exam three times consecutively if you fail. The fee is $41 per time. A waiting period of 30 days is required for your fourth attempt. You don’t have to worry about failure if you follow this article.

Online scheduling of the State Exam is possible at any moment. . . Just fill out the necessary license application. Before you can take the exam, you will need to complete the pre-license training courses. You will need to take additional time to complete the rest of the procedures that we recommend. The bottom line: Take at least three weeks to prepare for an exam.

There are some general rules that apply to all license exams. You need to be familiar with the testing mindset.
* Read every word in the questions and all the answers. People often fail because they don’t understand the question correctly.
* Understand the meaning of the question. What are they trying to get at? To answer a question correctly, you need to understand the concept behind it!

Studying Books and Course Content
The State Exam covers a wide range of topics. You will have to answer many questions about codes, ethics, and other topics related to insurance that you might not need or have encountered in your entire insurance career. You must be able to answer them.

There are also hundreds of pages of prelicense course materials, including your 20, 40, and 52-hour training programs. The State actually dictates the content for all pre-license courses, and publishes “Educational Objectives” to each. You would expect that you would be able to pass the exam if you had studied the courses and the objectives. . .right? NOT. Do not spend too much time here.

Cram Courses
You can also find dozens of generic guides or cram courses that claim to be specifically designed to help you pass your State Exam. You can save your time and money. While some guides may be helpful, especially in the area of test-taking techniques, you still need to learn specific points to pass. This information cannot be condensed in a book, or even an 8-hour cram course. Yes, I’m aware of these classes. I wish I would have spent more time studying.

An Exam Prep Workbook Is KEY!
We’re now on to the important part: passing the State Exam. Get a reliable Exam Prep Workbook. This is crucial to your passing. Although it seems simple, license applicants tend to overlook the effectiveness of practice exams. DON’T.

An exam prep book can contain up to 1000 questions and answers. There are practice exams and practice exams. You should find a system that works and allow yourself to take at least two weeks to fully comprehend the questions and answer them. It is not enough to read the workbook only one or two times. Every question should be reread at least 10 times. Highlight the questions you get wrong and learn more about them.

Do Not Schedule the Exam Too Early
Do not schedule the State Exam before you have had time to review your Exam Prep Workbook Practice Exams. Although your boss may pressure you to take the State Exam immediately after you have completed your online training, chances of you passing the exam are low if you don’t remember the answers and questions.

That’s all. . You now have the knowledge to pass the Insurance License Exam. However, you should be aware that if your mental focus is solely on passing the exam, it may cause you to lose your ability to focus. Many people fail their exams and lose their licenses or are sued for making poor decisions. It is not enough to know the answers to all of the exam questions. . . You must know what your license is for and have a sense ethics and responsibility to win customers. These aren’t the only topics we will be discussing, but they are an important part of your career. Refer to your pre-license course material for basic knowledge. Keep them handy for reference. Keep up-to-date with industry events and expand your knowledge.

You are in a highly rewarding field, and I wish you all the best.