Settle Your Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Yourself

A motor vehicle accident settlement can be handled by you yourself. Many claims do not require specialized expertise. Even motor vehicle accident injuries can be resolved without the victim having to hire a lawyer. It is important to note that I am not referring to a settlement for your claim. It should not favor the insurance company.

This is not a place where I can claim to be an attorney or claims adjuster. My knowledge regarding motor vehicle accident settlements was a result of being the victim in a motor vehicle accident injury.

A tractor trailer collided with stopped traffic and I sustained injuries. When the BIG RIG was speeding at 40 MPH, it struck 4 vehicles which were stopped at a stop light. 3 of the totaled vehicles were destroyed. I was in one the totaled cars. I was in one of the totaled vehicles.

The lessons I gained from this experience complemented my previous knowledge and confirmed the fact that I believe most of my legal transactions were not satisfactory. It is my opinion, but it is mine.

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Many people believe that because someone is a lawyer and has passed the exams, they are guaranteed the best service and performance for clients who pay the fees.

This is not true, I claim. Despite all the jokes, LAWYERS can be human like everyone else. Attorneys who are part of a law firm have to answer to their bosses and must make the firm profit. The LAWYER who is solely responsible for their business’s success has even greater responsibility. It is important to ask yourself where our problem fits in the larger picture of what is happening with our attorney.

You are legally bound to the agreement signed by an attorney.

Keep in mind that a typical attorney fees for a motor car accident is between 30-40% They also have to pay all the advertising

After interviewing 3 different attorneys from 3 different firms, I discovered that they were all experts in motor vehicle accident settlements. I also found information on the internet and was ready to settle my claim.

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One of the attorneys I spoke with tried to convince me it was too costly for his firm to obtain all documentation needed to reach a fair settlement. It was all there for me to ask!

You might think, “OK Mr. Big shot, how did you do?”

This is what I will tell you. My friend was also in the same accident and sustained the same injuries. He sought out the help of a doctor. Due to complications, he had to go back twice. He also sought advice from an attorney and signed a contract. He ended up getting $16000 more than me after all was said and done. Sixteen Thousand dollars is nothing.!