Seven Tips For Selling Internet Insurance Leads

Internet leads are unique from other sales leads. They are created differently. They are instantly delivered. They are different from traditional leads. It is not surprising that an effective approach to selling Internet insurance leads is different from traditional leads.

A consumer uses an Internet search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN to find information about the product they are looking for, such as insurance, loans, or insurance. The lead fills out an online form asking for contact. These are the unique circumstances that set it apart. A lead in insurance is a person who actively seeks to solve a problem. They are eager to solve their problem quickly and have a high level of interest.

1. Focus. Even without visual cues, the prospect can hear stress, worry, and impatience in you voice. When you call, keep a positive outlook. Before you call, give yourself a pep talk if you are having a rough day. Remember that your prospects phone is the key to your success. The person you’re about to speak to can help your business grow.

2 Call immediately. An Internet-based insurance provider can quickly scrub, enhance, and send the lead via email within seconds of the consumer completing it. You may be able speak with the lead while they are online and still in the final buying stage if you call them as soon as the lead is delivered. You can choose to have your leads sent in batches. If you are not there when the lead arrives, you should grab it immediately. If the consumer has completed a form on another website, waiting even half an hour could open the door for a competitor. You will feel confident that you did your best and be the first to respond.

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3) Email. An Internet insurance lead is different from other leads in that it contains the prospect’s email address. This is an important advantage. A strong email introduces you and conveys your willingness to help. The email should be written as a reply to the customer’s inquiry. This reinforces the fact that the consumer initiated the contact. The person who is the Internet lead spends a lot time online and does a lot of business online. This may be their preferred way of managing information, including sales data. This can be your opportunity to use it to your advantage. Include multiple contact points in your email signature. These include phone, fax and mailing addresses.

4) Keep calling until you reach out to a prospect. It can be very deflating to miss a call. You can avoid emotional ups or downs by making at least six calls per day to new leads for insurance. The best times to reach someone in the office are before work begins at 7 to 9, lunch from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. and after work, between 5 to 7 p.m. and 7 p.m. You can leave a message on your last call of the day. You can start calling again the next day. Continue calling until you get in touch.

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5 – Use the Internet to your advantage. Salespeople who are successful do not sell. They serve. They make the prospect feel that they are there for them and will advocate for their best interests. Because you respond to their request, it is simple to establish a service position with Internet leads. When introducing yourself, be sure to mention the Internet search they are using. This will make you appear not only as a service provider, but also as someone who is technologically proficient and can help them find the best solution.

6) Be aggressive. Service posture is not passive. Ask questions, dig into the problem and listen attentively. Keep the conversation focused. To project confidence, speak directly to the prospect and a little louder than they. Smile while you talk. A smile is a way to project warmth and honesty. Don’t assume that the business is yours. Keep your cool and sell your company and your solution.

7) Request the commitment. After you have reached an agreement with your prospect that the product is suitable for them, ask the client to make a firm commitment. You can suggest a positive next step such as sending the documents to be signed, or scheduling an appointment. Don’t be afraid to ask for a commitment. It is your right.

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