Silver is Better Than Gold For Investment


Gold has been the most popular choice when it comes to investing commodities. The underrated commodity silver, however, is always second to gold. Gold takes all the credit.

Silver will not last for long. Why? Experts believe that silver will rise in value faster than gold over the next few years. “Things look good for silver investment. “Silver is a great investment that offers huge returns and all the benefits of other investments. According to Times of India news, silver prices will rise by 20% compared to gold’s 6%. You can also use it as a short-term investment option. At the end of this calendar year, it is possible to purchase it at a price of approximately 50,000 INR per kg. It is not my prediction. Jayant Manglik, President at Religare Securities, made it.

Where can I find Silver?

You can buy silver bars, coins and jewellery in the form of bars or medals. If you’re looking to invest, you should choose bars and coins that have minimal fabrication or making costs. You will not make any profit from these making charges. Avoid such charges altogether and invest only for investment.

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Therefore, jewellery is no longer an option for investors. Since they don’t incur any making fees, silver in bars or coins won’t cost much. Profits are lost due to making and leftovers. The same applies to utensils. They too have making fees and reduce the precious metal’s value.

Where can I buy

You need to be careful when buying investment commodities. Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation, (MMTC), is one such organization that sells silver and other metals in tampered-proof packaging and guarantees the packing. There are also private and public banks. They can also sell silver and gold at guaranteed purity. These bodies are trustworthy and can provide assurance of purity in a certificate. These organizations charge a rate that is comparable to market rates. You now know the rate at which they will charge you for your investment.

Selling is key to investing:

You may want to sell your silver investments back to buyers such as public and private banks, or Metals and Minerals Trading Corporations (MMTC). Where do you send it? Local jewellers are the best place to sell. They will happily buy them in their pure form to create jewellery.

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