So, You Want to Start a Haulage Company?


Many people want to own their business and not work for others. It is much easier to start a business than it is to find work. This is the economy people are accustomed to.

If you asked people ten years ago what they would prefer to do: start a company or work with someone else, there’s no doubt they would have answered, “Get a job.” This was the safer option. It is now safer to start your own business than to apply for a job at the local council.

Council jobs were once the type of job that people had for their entire lives. But, half of the job losses in the last year and this have been due to council jobs or police positions. There is no job that is safe. People are much more successful in filling a niche and getting their business off the ground.

Although starting a haulage company can be extremely profitable, you must know the basics to get it started. It is not enough to just drive your car around the country. To start a business, you will need some capital. You will need some money to start your business if you are laid off.

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What are you using the money for?

First, you’ll need to purchase trucks. Start with just one truck, and build your fleet as clients come in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new truck. You could save some money and purchase a used truck. However, it will need to pass all the necessary checks.


You will need the appropriate licenses if your haulage business is to be started. If your vehicle weighs more than a certain amount, you will need a license. The vehicle must be at least 3.5 tonnes in some haulage industries.

If you’re hauling particular items, you may need to obtain certain licenses or meet other requirements. You will need to check with the authorities if you plan to haul meat for human consumption. You could lose your money and face legal action if you don’t follow the rules.


It is important to locate suitable premises for your haulage business. You might start with a small office, but as your business grows, you may need more space. You might be able to park all your trucks in a larger space. Storage room might also be available for those items that are still on the way.

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Before you can have a driver on your road, you will need to get the right insurance for haulage companies. You need to make sure you’re covered in case of any eventuality. Insurance will cover you for loss of earnings, truck accidents, driver liability, and any legal costs you may incur.

You should make sure you select an insurance company that offers a policy that suits your needs. Although you might only need to insure a few trucks, it is possible to expand your coverage. The more vehicles you have, the higher your premiums.