Specialized Protection in Your Scooter Insurance Policy

You are likely familiar with the features of your scooter policy. You should have at least a basic coverage level that covers damage to your scooter and the car of another driver (if you are at fault). Personal injury protection should be included for both you and your passenger.

You may need coverage that is more specific in certain situations. What if your 1960s vintage scooter is damaged? Parts might not be easy to find and may be more costly. You should be aware that your policy may only cover basic parts at the lowest cost, and not specialized parts.

Here are some things to keep in mind when searching for scooter coverage.

Custom parts or equipment coverage As we have mentioned, there are a few scooter enthusiasts who own vintage scooters. Or they just customize their scooters. These scooters may be excluded from normal insurance coverage if they are damaged. What if your beautiful airbrushed photo is damaged by an accident on your scooter? Normal circumstances do not cover customised airbrushing or pin striping. Your policy may cover custom parts and equipment (sometimes up to $30000!)

Roadside Assistance You don’t need to be in an accident, or have your scooter damaged to get a great insurance policy. What happens if you run low on fuel? What happens if your battery goes flat? What about a flat tire. It is not as easy to change a flat tire on your scooter as it is on your car. Your policy or insurance company may offer roadside assistance. This could save you money and inconvenience. This is what you should do next time it rains heavily and your tire gets flat.

Towing and Labour If your scooter is broken down, you need to take it to a mechanic. Towing can be expensive as this may be far away. You may be able to get coverage that includes towing and/or labor costs for your scooter when it needs repairs.

Limited edition and custom coverage – Owning a vehicle can be a joy. You will probably pay more for a limited edition scooter than you would normally. This means that repairs to the scooter will likely be more costly. This is something you should check with your insurance policy. To find out how much scooter insurance will cost, get a quote.

Kit bike coverage While buying a scooter in a shop may be one thing, some people prefer to assemble their scooters from a kit. It is also a much cheaper option and can be shared with friends. Building your own scooter can be risky, especially if you’re not an engineer. You need to ensure that your policy covers the scooter you have built. Many people fall for the trap of trying to save money by building their scooter from scratch and then getting basic insurance only to discover that it doesn’t cover scooters built from a kit. This shouldn’t happen to you! You can opt to pay an additional amount if the basic coverage does not cover kit scooters. Although it won’t cost much, you will be able to save a lot of time and headaches in the event you are involved in an accident.

You need the right coverage. Whether you buy scooter insurance online, or directly from a broker you must ensure that the coverage you choose is appropriate for your needs. You may be able save a lot of money by paying a little more.

Ask yourself whether you have special circumstances or if your scooter is covered under normal circumstances. A normal insurance policy might not cover damages if you have a limited edition scooter or customized scooter. Save yourself a lot of hassles by researching first!