SR-22 Colorado

Violations of traffic laws can lead to severe penalties. You may be subject to fees and penalties. Your auto insurance could also go up. In certain situations, an SR-22 may be required. This form is not an insurance policy. If you are a risky driver, SR-22 Colorado insurance is a proof that you have insurance.

What is “SR-22 insurance?”

After drivers have demonstrated high risk of breaking traffic laws, courts and states may request an SR-22 form. DUIs, DWIs and reckless driving are some of the most common offenses that could lead to an SR22 Colorado.

First, contact your insurance company to request a Colorado SR-22. You will need to pay a small fee and you should receive your verification form within a few days.

Many people who require Colorado SR-22 insurance will first need to increase their auto insurance coverage. The reason is that the insurance company cannot file the form until it has verified that you have the required coverage. Find a car insurance provider that offers affordable rates for the policy you need to meet the state’s minimum auto insurance coverage.

SR-22 Colorado alternatives

The SR-22 is the most commonly used form in Colorado. However, some states have other forms. While the SR-22 is most common, Florida, Texas and Indiana all have their own forms. While many of these forms have the same purpose as the SR-22 and require less oversight, others, such as the SR-19, are more straightforward. Others, such as the SR-22A can force drivers to pay upfront for insurance for multiple months.

FormIssued by the StatesMinimum requirements for insurance
SR-22Colorado and the majority of other statesState minimum auto liability
SR-19California and TexasState minimum auto liability
SR-21Georgia, Hawaii and Indiana.State minimum auto liability
SR-22AGeorgia, Texas and MissouriState minimum auto liability
FR-44Florida, VirginiaThere is more to the minimum state auto liability
SR-50IndianaState minimum auto liability
  • SR-19: Drivers complete this form after being in an accident with uninsured motorists.
  • SR-21 This form is similar to the SR-22, but it’s often used for lesser offenses. SR-21s may be required for tickets and accidents in the car.
  • SR-22A This form can be used for similar purposes to the SR-22A, but is limited to Texas, Georgia, and Missouri. These states may require an SR-22A for traffic and insurance violations.
  • FR-4: These forms are issued to drivers who have been convicted of a DUI/DWI. These forms require drivers to have higher levels of auto insurance than the minimum required by the state.
  • SR-50 The SR-50, which is similar to an SR-22 but only used in Indiana, is proof that high-risk drivers have insurance. An SR-50 can be required for many traffic offenses that could lead to your Indiana license being suspended.

Non-owner SR-22

Insurance is usually designed to cover the driver and the vehicle, but non-owner SR-22 does the opposite. This policy is designed for people who don’t own a car, but still drive. These policies protect the driver from any violation of state insurance laws while they are driving.

Non-owner SR-22s must meet the minimum state requirements for auto liability insurance. These policies can have more coverage than the state minimum, but not less. You may be required to file an SR-22 by the state if you do not own a vehicle. In this case, you might need to take out a nonowner SR-22 policy.

SR-22 in Colorado

Colorado doesn’t use any alternative forms, but sticks to the SR-22. An SR-22 can be required for traffic offenses such as DUIs, DWIs and driving without insurance. This form is required for those who can prove they are high-risk drivers.

SR-22 Colorado insurance cost

The SR-22 does not increase insurance premiums by itself. They often occur in conjunction with rate increases. Because of the fact that insurance rates can rise in cases where an SR-22 is required, Insurance companies base their rates on the risk levels drivers, and SR-22s can be issued to drivers at high risk.

Although SR-22 forms do not automatically increase insurance rates they do come with a fee. These fees may vary from $10 to $50 depending on the insurance company. Individuals who don’t have mandatory auto insurance must also purchase sufficient coverage to satisfy the state requirement.


What length of time do I need an SR-22 for Colorado?

It will be required for between three and five years depending on the crime that led to it, as well as any court or state-imposed duration requirements. Those with a DUI might require an SR-22 for a longer period of time. When the form is requested for the first time, it will be determined how long you need to keep it.

How can I obtain SR-22 insurance for Colorado?

First, ensure you have minimum state-mandatory auto insurance coverage. The SR-22 form is an insurance verification form, not insurance. After you have met the insurance requirements, contact your insurer and ask them to file an SR-22 for your account. They will file the SR-22 form for you after paying a small fee. Verification should be received within a few days.

What is the cost of SR-22 insurance in Colorado?

Filing fees range from $10 to $50. These forms do not have a cost beyond the initial filing fee. Many of the offenses that can lead to an SR-22 may also result in insurance rates rising.

What happens if I can’t get an SR-22 for Colorado?

Driving without insurance can make it worse, which will lead to the need for an SR-22. This requirement is not to be ignored. You could face additional fines and suspension of your driver’s licence, as well as other serious charges.

What are the alternatives to SR-22 in Colorado?

Colorado uses the main SR-22 instead of any of the SR-22 forms.