SR-22 Georgia

You should be aware that SR-22 insurance is not available in Georgia. An SR-22 is a court order or state of Georgia that requires proof of insurance to be sent to the Department of Driver Services. SR-22s aren’t unique. It is not uncommon to find SR-22s in Georgia and across the United States. Understanding what SR-22 insurance does and how you can get it will simplify the process.

What is “SR-22 insurance?”

A SR-22 is proof that you have insurance. This document is required for drivers who are convicted of driving offences such as driving without insurance, or have been involved in multiple at-fault crashes.

An SR-22 in Georgia can be requested by a court, or the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

You must find an insurance company that is willing to work with Georgia drivers who require an SR-22 before you can obtain one in Georgia. Providers are allowed to deny any person a policy, provided that their reason does not conflict with state law. A driver’s record is the most common reason why policies are denied. A provider might not insure you if your driving record contains many incidents. The best national providers like Progressive and Geico are able to provide insurance for drivers who need an SR-22.

Alternatives to SR-22 Georgia

An SR-22 can only be issued by a Georgia court or state. There are no other options. You will need an SR-22 from your insurance company if you want to maintain your driving license and keep it. You will need insurance to cover drivers who require an SR-22 if you don’t already have it. These are your only options.

Because there are similar requirements across the country and within Georgia, confusion surrounds SR-22s. There are subtle differences between these forms. The type of convictions you have had in the past and present will determine which one you should choose.

FormIssued by the StatesMinimum requirements for insurance
SR-22All other states, except Delaware, Kentucky and Minnesota.Standard liability. Click here to see a complete list of the minimum insurance requirements for each state.
SR-19California and TexasStandard liability
SR-21Florida, Georgia, IndianaStandard liability
SR-22AGeorgia, Texas and MissouriStandard liability must be paid, but six months of insurance must also be paid.
FR-44Florida, VirginiaDouble liability
SR-50IndianaStandard liability
  • SR-19 There is a two-part SR-19 depending on where you live. An SR-19 is a Texas payment agreement between the at-fault driver and the injured party. After an accident, the injured party files an SR-19 in California. It is proof that the other driver wasn’t properly insured. Before any payout can be made, it must be submitted.
  • SR-21 To verify that you have insurance, some states require an SR-21. This is required after a crash that causes bodily injury or death and property damage exceeding $1,000. SR-21s can be electronically delivered by insurance providers upon request.
  • SR-22A – SR-22As must be obtained after repeated DWI offenses (driving while uninsured). A court may order the driver to pay a minimum of six months to avoid liability for three-years. It is similar to an SR-22, which guarantees future coverage. However, it is more stringent because monthly payments cannot be made until three years have passed.
  • FR-4: An FR-4 is similar to an SR-22, in that it also proves financial responsibility (hence, the ‘FR). FR-44s are often required following a DUI or DWI accident in which someone is hurt. Drivers are often required to buy double the minimum state liability requirements when this happens.
  • SR-50 SR-50s: SR-50s work in the same way as SR-22s. They verify that a driver meets the minimum state liability requirements. Indiana requires SR-50s if a driver has been cited for two moving violations in the same year or has been convicted of a moving violation following a DWI.

Non-owner SR-22

Georgia can consider you a high-risk driver even if you don’t have a vehicle. You can file an SR-22 even if you don’t own a car. Non-owner car insurance is available from many companies, so it shouldn’t take too much to shop for rates. Make sure you check that the company you choose will file an SR-22 for your account with the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

If you rent or borrow vehicles often, non-owner insurance may be necessary. If you are unable to drive in the near future due to a conviction for a serious traffic offense (such as DUI), it may be necessary.

SR-22A Georgia

An SR-22 is proof of financial responsibility. It shows that the driver meets or exceeds Georgia’s minimum requirements for insurance. Basic liability in Georgia currently means that every driver must have a minimum of a 25/50/25 insurance policy. According to the most recent study by the Insurance Information Institute the average annual cost Georgia drivers pays is $735.15. This equates to $61.26 monthly.

A SR-22A form is also required by a court or the Georgia state. This form is not insurance, but proof of insurance. An SR-22 allows drivers to fulfill any obligations by paying monthly. Drivers must pay for their insurance six months in advance and for three years with an SR-22A. An average driver with no reports will have to pay $367.58 per six months ( click this link to see the average price of car insurance).

SR-22As must be filed if a driver is caught driving without insurance multiple time or following a unsatisfied court order. An SR-22A is the same as a regular SR-22. However, a court or the state may require you to have an SR-22A on file with your DDS.

Georgia SR-22 insurance costs

Insurance companies may charge you a $15-35 one-time fee depending on the company you work for. The true cost of an SR-22 is determined by the citation you received in Georgia or a court requiring it.

Your premium will increase if you are convicted of DUIs or multiple at fault accidents. Regardless of the reason, insurance companies will consider you a greater risk than other drivers just for having an SR-22. Even if your only offense was driving without insurance and you are a good driver, insurance companies will charge you a higher premium for your past behavior.


What length of time do I need to have an SR-22 in Georgia

Georgia law requires that SR-22s remain in force for three years. This also applies to SR-22As. It is possible that a judge will order the SR-22 clock’ to reset if you have any driving convictions. This means you’ll need the entire three-year cycle to begin again.

How can I obtain SR-22 insurance for Georgia?

Georgia sr22 insurance isn’t available because it isn’t insurance. This is a form that an insurance company sends to you to verify your compliance with state laws. You don’t need to contact your insurance company to request that the form be sent electronically to the DDS if you have insurance. You will need to locate a provider that is willing to provide insurance for drivers who do not have it.

What is the cost of SR-22 insurance in Georgia?

It all depends on the insurance company. On average, companies charge between $15 and $35 for sending an SR-22 to you. You should keep in mind that your premium cost may rise depending on the reason for the SR-22 requirement.

What happens if my insurer cancels my policy

Georgia DDS will cancel any SR22 insurance you have in Georgia if it is canceled.

What form is required if my license was suspended because I don’t have insurance?

An SR-22A is required. This means that you will have 6 months to pay in advance.

Georgia DDS accepts an SR-22 form if you have provided proof that your premium was paid in full.