SR-22 Missouri

Missouri drivers may need to obtain an SR-22 form if their license is suspended due to a serious accident or traffic offense. SR-22 insurance, despite its name, is not a form of insurance. It is a certificate that shows you have the minimum required car insurance.

Missouri drivers may also need to obtain an SR-22A certificate to show proof of their insurance coverage. An SR-22A or SR-22A record on your driving record can affect your car insurance premium. It also comes with additional fees and fines that could impact your finances once your license has been reinstated.

What is “SR-22 insurance?”

SR-22 insurance, a special type of proof of insurance required for high-risk drivers, is a form of insurance. It is a certificate that you have the minimum required Missouri car insurance. This is 25/50/10. It also includes the following liability coverages.

  • $25,000 bodily injury coverage per individual
  • $50,000 per accident bodily injury coverage
  • $10,000 in property damage coverage per accident

High-risk drivers are those who have been convicted for DUI or were caught driving without insurance. They also include people who caused fatalities or serious injuries in an accident.

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It is easy to get an SR-22 in Missouri. First, find an insurance company offering it. Fill out the basic paperwork and pay a fee. You will need to purchase a policy if you don’t have car insurance. After that, the insurance company will forward the documents to Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR), for processing.

SR-22 Missouri alternatives

SR-22s do not prove financial responsibility. Depending on the type and severity of the violation, the insurance requirements and how many offenses the driver has committed, some states may use SR-22 alternatives. Missouri, for example, requires SR-22A forms in certain situations. Here are some SR-22 alternatives that can be found in other states.

FormIssued by the StatesMinimum requirements for insurance
SR-22All states except Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New, Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and PennsylvaniaMinimum insurance coverage in the state
SR-19California and TexasMinimum uninsured motorist coverage in your state
SR-21Florida, Georgia, and IndianaMinimum insurance coverage in the state
SR-22AGeorgia, Texas, and MissouriMinimum insurance coverage in the state
FR-44Florida and VirginiaMinimum coverage in the state with higher limits of liability insurance
SR-50IndianaMinimum insurance coverage in the state
  • SR-19 If an individual is hit by an uninsured motorist and wants to file a claim with his or her insurance company, they must complete an SR-19 form.
  • SR-21 This form is used in Florida and Georgia, as well as Indiana. This form is used for verifying a driver’s coverage in the event of an accident at fault or traffic violation.
  • SR-22A Drivers in Georgia, Texas, and Missouri may need to file an SR-22A form if they have lost their driving privileges. Similar to the SR-22, this form requires drivers to pay their premium bi-annually instead of monthly.
  • FR-4: Virginia and Florida require high-risk drivers that they purchase FR-4 insurance. This is nearly the same as an SR-22. An FR-44 policy requires drivers to have more liability coverage than the minimum state requirement.
  • SR-50 – Indiana is one of the few states that use the SR-50 form. This is used to verify a driver’s insurance coverage in the event of an accident or a traffic violation.
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Non-owner SR-22

Missouri drivers who have their license suspended because they borrowed a car from someone else must purchase a certificate known as a non-owner SR-22. This certificate is only for drivers without a registered vehicle. The SR-22 and non-owner SR-22 forms are identical in terms of insurance requirements. Both forms remain on your record for the same time.

Missouri SR-22A

Missouri requires drivers to have SR-22A forms in addition to SR-22 coverage. The forms are identical, but an SR-22A form requires that the driver pays their car insurance premium every six month, instead of in twelve monthly installments. Drivers who have multiple convictions or are involved in at-fault incidents are required to complete the SR-22A form.

SR-22 Missouri insurance costs

SR-22 certificates cost less than the cost for car insurance. A small filing fee is usually not more than $50. You may be required to pay a renewal fee for each year the SR-22 remains on your record.

Drivers who have their Missouri license suspended must also pay a reinstatement fee. This fee can vary from $20 to $400 depending upon the type of violation or the number of offenses.

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Missouri residents should be aware that an SR-22 conviction will impact your car insurance premium. Your insurance premium will skyrocket if you are convicted of a DUI offense or driving without insurance. Once the SR-22 is removed from your driving record, your rate will begin to drop.


What length of time do I need an SR-22 Missouri?

Missouri’s SR-22 policy is time-based. It depends on the type and number of offenses. Most drivers will have an SR-22 for a period of two years after a serious car accident. The SR-22 will remain on your record for three consecutive years after an incident involving insurance.

How can I obtain SR-22 insurance for Missouri?

It is easy to obtain SR-22 insurance forms for Missouri. First, find an insurance company that offers it. SR-22A and SR-22A insurance can be purchased from other insurance companies. Fill out the paperwork and pay the filing fees. After the insurance company files the paperwork, you will receive confirmation from the Missouri DOR that your certificate has been processed.

What is the cost of SR-22 insurance in Missouri?

Missouri SR-22 insurance forms can be obtained for a low price. The insurance company will charge a small filing fee to file the documents and then process them on your behalf. SR-22 insurance does not count as insurance. Credit score and age do not impact the cost.

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What Missouri company offers cheap SR-22 insurance?

Call a few providers to find out about the filing fees if you’re looking for low-cost SR-22 insurance. You can save money by choosing the lowest-priced carrier.