Summer Insurance Tips

You know it is important to take care of your home and car insurance. People who choose to save money by not purchasing home insurance, or worse, driving illegally without insurance, quickly realize that insurance costs are far lower than the cost to replace a vehicle or house when disaster strikes. Even though it may seem like a long time, or even years for the fortunate ones, being without insurance is like living in constant fear and worry.

Congratulations to all those who have made the wise decision to buy insurance. You’re on the right path. Insurance gives you security and peace of mind in your daily activities. What about when you’re away from home for an extended time? Or if your car is being used for a road trip? These are just a few steps that can help you reduce your risk of losing or being sued while on vacation.

  • You should arrange for someone trustworthy to come to your home and pick up mail and flyers. For extended trips, you can suspend paper delivery. This person should inspect your home for signs of weather damage, attempted entry, and water leaks.
  • To avoid water damage, shut off your washing machine and dishwasher as soon as possible. If your water heater is more than ten years old, you should have it inspected before you go on vacation.
  • Protect yourself from power surge damage by unplugging major appliances such as TVs, computers, microwaves, and other electronic devices.
  • Check your auto insurance policy if you plan on taking your vehicle with you on vacation. Make sure you know your coverages and deductibles. As the harsh Canadian winter can be hard on your vehicle, it is worth taking it in for a spring tune-up. You should inspect the tires, safety features, and electrical components. You don’t want to experience vehicle problems while on a road trip. Tuning up your car prior to a trip will greatly reduce the likelihood of an accident and increase the durability and life of your vehicle.
  • It’s exciting to pull out your trailer and hit the open roads in the summer. Is your auto policy able to cover your trailer? You should ensure that you have the right coverage for your trailer. Take a good look at your trailer to identify any problems and make sure you have an annual professional check your electrical and bearings.
  • Your motor home or vacation trailer should not be left unattended on your property for more than a few days before you leave. If your motor home isn’t parked in front of your property, a savvy intruder may notice and signal that it is time to enter your empty home. You can also make it appear that you are home by setting your radio and lights on automatic timers to discourage thieves. The burglar will be able to guess if your home is occupied by you by closing all windows on the floors.
  • You can lock the steering wheel while on vacation if you have a safety device.

You can enjoy your summer vacations and daily tasks without worrying about break-ins or accidents thanks to the many affordable insurance options. These unfortunate events do occasionally happen, but taking precautions like those listed above and making sure that your home and car insurance are current and up-to-date is all you need to have the priceless feeling every day of peace of mind.