Survival Insurance Policy

You can have life insurance, car insurance, and homeowners insurance. However, none of these policies will provide any assistance in a crisis. My friend, you may believe that you are protected for every possible scenario.
The most important insurance you have is gone. This is your survival insurance. You can only rely on yourself in emergency situations. You and I will be too busy for the government to care about you. They will be overwhelmed. You will be overwhelmed.

It would be great if we could just ignore the problems we don’t care about and instead step back cautiously, only to find that things are not as they should be. This is unfortunately not true. We must learn to see the world as it is and to make the most of it. It is impossible to rely on the old saying, “It won’t happen to me” or “It won’t happen here.” These same thoughts have led to the destruction of many families.

You would not deliberately refuse to feed your children or expose them to cold or other unpleasant conditions. Think about what you’re doing to your family if you don’t have the right tools. Every type of emergency or disaster must be addressed.

It is in our best interest to stockpile extra food and supplies, especially with the world in turmoil. Do not wait and rush to get your supplies. You will not succeed and it will only put you and your family at risk. You are responsible for providing care and preparation for your family. Why not start at home? You are responsible for providing for your family. There are many items people should have ready to go.

Bartering could be possible with valuable metals like gold and silver in an emergency. These precious metals won’t be worth much at the start of a crisis. Food will soon become a valuable commodity as the crisis progresses. In an emergency, keep a lot of cash on hand. In a crisis, banks will not lend you money.

At least three months worth of food and water. These items should last at least 3 months. A year’s worth is better. This list should also include bottled water. You should keep some purification tablets handy if you have a private well.

Always have a good supply of batteries on hand. Personally, I prefer to charge my batteries. A recharger is handy and I can also connect it to my BOV’s inverter when I am on the road. I keep a variety of flashlights and a lot of batteries in my emergency kit. In case of an emergency, I also have a crank radio and a crank light. I also keep lighters and matches in my emergency kit. If you do decide to keep lighters inside your emergency kit, make sure you have enough lighter fluid or butane.

It would be foolish for me to not have some weapons or ammo. My spare clothing consists of normal underwear, socks, and other basic items. Two BOBs are kept in my closet – one for winter, and one for the summer.

Other items include 2 way radios, watches that have cigarette lighters built-in, a tent and elaborate first aid kits.

Although I wish I could say I’m prepared for any emergency, I know from personal experience that I may be missing something crucial when it comes to the final moments.