Texas Windstorm Insurance


Texas is subject to hurricanes and windstorms every year. In 2020, Hurricane Hanna struck Padre Island. It brought severe hurricane conditions to South Texas. The storm ended with rainfall of 12 inches in certain areas. This caused insured losses of $350 million to $400 millions in Texas.

Wind damage is typically covered by standard homeowners insurance policies. Your home insurance policy may not cover wind damage if you live near the coast. Windstorm insurance is an option for homeowners in Texas who live near high-risk areas.

Texas homeowners can get windstorm insurance

You can purchase windstorm insurance as either a standalone policy or an endorsement. It covers the damage caused by hurricanes. It typically includes personal property and dwelling coverage. Windstorm insurance policies may also include loss-of-use coverage. This will cover temporary living expenses in the event that your home is damaged by a storm.

Sometimes, Texas windstorm insurance can also be called hurricane insurance. This name can be misleading. Windstorm insurance does not cover damage directly caused by wind. This includes broken windows and roof shingles. It doesn’t cover flood-related damage, which is often caused by hurricanes.

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Texas windstorm insurance is like all types of insurance. It has a required deductible . Even if a windstorm is not declared a hurricane by National Weather Service (NWS), the deductible applies. The deductible may be either a percentage of the policy’s dwelling coverage limit, or a fixed dollar amount. It all depends on the insurance policy.

Texas Windstorm Insurance: Where can I get it?

Many Texas insurance companies offer endorsements and policies for windstorm insurance. Private insurance companies as well as government-funded programs can offer windstorm insurance. These are some of the Texas private insurance companies that offer windstorm coverage.

Safepoint Insurance

Safepoint Insurance provides wind and hailstorm coverage with limits from $75,000 to $1,000,000. Customers have the option of a $100 flat rate deductible or $200, or a percentage deductible from 1.5 percent to 5 percent. Windstorm insurance policies can be purchased by homeowners either annually, bi-annually, or quarterly.

Wellington Insurance Group

For homeowners in Texas who live in high risk areas, the Wellington Coastal Insurance Program provides windstorm insurance. The policy covers personal property, dwellings, and other structures. It is reimbursed at Replacement Cost Value (RCV). You can add endorsements to your home for wind-driven rain, consequential loss, higher construction costs, and mandatory evacuation.

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Maison Insurance

Maison Insurance provides hail and wind insurance for homes valued between $75,000 and $750,000. This insurance is only available for Texas homeowners who have a single-family home or a duplex. They do not have windstorm coverage on their home insurance policies. Maison Insurance requires a deductible of $500 for unnamed storms, and a maximum of 5% for named storms.

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association offers insurance coverage for homes in high-risk areas that are unable to obtain standard insurance through a private provider. TWIA insurance covers dwelling, personal property, and miscellaneous. You can also purchase policies for manufactured homes, commercial buildings, condos, townhouses, and condos.

TWIA insurance is currently in 14 counties.

  • Aransas County
  • Brazoria County
  • Calhoun County
  • Cameron County
  • Chambers County
  • Harris County (certain regions)
  • Galveston County
  • Jefferson County
  • Kennedy County
  • Kleberg County
  • Matagorda County
  • Nueces County
  • Refugio County
  • San Patricio County
  • Willacy County

TWIA is not available to all Texas homes. TWIA is not available to all Texas homes. The home must be in one of the fourteen covered counties. Applicants must also show proof that they have been denied windstorm coverage by a private insurer. The home must also be constructed in accordance with specific building codes and maintained in a good condition. Flood insurance is required for homes located in flood areas.

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TWIA insurance is more expensive than private windstorm insurance. These are the main differences. Private insurance usually offers wind insurance that is less expensive and provides greater coverage. It is however more difficult to get private insurance. Before looking into TWIA, homeowners in Texas should consider private wind insurance.

What is the cost of windstorm insurance in Texas?

Texas has a variety of windstorm insurance rates. TWIA policies cost $1600 per year. However, rates are determined by the location, condition, age, and coverage limits. The homeowner can add optional coverages to the policy to increase their premium. Windstorm insurance policies are priced on the property itself. This means that a clean credit history or a good track record in claims will not have a significant impact on your rate.

Questions frequently asked

Which Texas insurance company is best for home insurance?

Every homeowner will find the best Texas home insurance company. Some homeowners want the lowest rates, while others seek great customer service and multiple discounts. Texas homeowners need to shop around to find the best provider for them.

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What amount of windstorm coverage do you need?

Texas homeowners should have sufficient windstorm coverage to cover the cost of their home’s reconstruction and their personal property. For additional protection, homeowners can consider adding on coverages.

Is my car covered by windstorm coverage?

Windstorm insurance does not cover vehicle damage. Comprehensive car insurance policies will cover the damage to your vehicle after a hurricane, windstorm, or other severe weather event. This applies to fallen objects as well. Your comprehensive car insurance would pay for the damage if your garage roof collapsed during a hurricane.