The Actor Behind Allstate’s Mayhem Insurance Commercials

Dean Winters is best known as the actor behind Mayhem insurance commercials and boasts an extensive acting resume, including roles in John Wick and Rescue Me. Additionally, he portrayed Avi in Tarasov Mob movies.

His Allstate ads combine deadpan humor and big set pieces to stress the importance of having quality insurance. He is an ideal choice for this role due to his excellent acting and stunts skills.

Dean Winters

Dean Winters has voiced Mayhem in Allstate insurance commercials since 2010, after becoming well known from his role on 30 Rock. These quirky ads combine deadpan humor with big set pieces to demonstrate why reliable insurance is essential, making Allstate one of the nation’s favorite car insurers, surpassing State Farm and Progressive in popularity.

Allstate’s ads stand out from those of other insurance providers and that’s likely why they have become so effective. Most commercials feature disaster, like a severe thunderstorm or car accident; Mayhem steps in after such events and reminds people they can “feel safe in their homes again” by purchasing an Allstate policy. Ads may also feature regional issues, like hail storms in Oklahoma or an iconic intersection in Chicago.

Dean Winters plays Mayhem as an experienced stuntman and actor, having made his name working across many productions including John Wick. Winters stands out with his unique blend of comedy and action that makes him ideal for his Allstate role.

His role as Mayhem has opened doors for him in other roles such as Detective Brian Cassidy on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Dennis Duffy in 30 Rock. Additionally, he’s guest starred on shows such as The Vulture, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Up All Night.

Winters may portray himself as tough in Allstate commercials, but he’s actually quite sensitive. He has spoken openly about nearly dying from a stomach bug he contracted himself; going into cardiac arrest for two minutes and needing hospital care before being admitted into intensive care unit for three weeks; undergoing 10 surgeries including removal of two toes and half a thumb.

Winters has had an impressive career, despite his difficult start in business. His Allstate ads are widely recognized, and he works to secure more acting roles – hoping that landing more starring roles may open doors to bigger film projects down the road.

Dennis Haysbert

Allstate’s Mayhem series stands out among recent insurance ads as being particularly entertaining and successful. Leo Burnett Worldwide created this character, known as Mayhem, for their advertising agency in 2010. Mayhem exudes menace while reveling in chaos – often seen wearing suits with bruises, scratches and bandages on his face similar to what Harvey Keitel portrays in Reservoir Dogs (1992). This character was partially inspired by Mr White from Reservoir Dogs as seen in Reservoir Dogs.

Haysbert has appeared in numerous films and television shows, such as Major League, The Minus Man and Heat. Additionally, he voiced DC Comics character Kilowog in multiple Justice League episodes as well as guest starring on several other shows like The Unit and 30 Rock. Outside his acting career, he enjoys golf and charitable endeavors.

Haysbert still appears in Allstate commercials as the voice of Mayhem, earning between $3 and $4 Million each year as spokesperson. As of 2023, his net worth stands at $20 Million.

Mayhem makes his debut appearance in an Allstate commercial as an overly competitive older brother who turns an innocent basketball game in the driveway into an all-out carnage, even damaging a garage door in the process.

Allstate Insurance’s new commercial is part of its larger effort to promote its auto and home insurance products, and NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon’s endorsement deal allows Allstate to use his unique voice to advertise both policies.

At Super Bowl LV 2021, Allstate unveiled its inaugural commercial featuring its new endorser and it made headlines as the first time Allstate ever used a celebrity to endorse its services. Additionally, this spot marked a comeback of interest for Pet Shop Boys’ “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money).” In addition, Dennis Haysbert reprised his role of Mayhem since 2003 in Allstate ads; 24 and The Unit both featured him prominently as President David Palmer or Sergeant Major Jonas Blane respectively.

Leo Burnett Worldwide

After years, Allstate’s mischievous insurance guy is back. Since his creation by Leo Burnett Worldwide was replaced by Droga5, Allstate’s irrepressible character has been absent in commercials; however, Droga5 seems determined to give him new life; their latest spot shows him declaring his New Year’s resolution is to cease creating mischief, instead opting instead to be helpful like when tennis balls dangle in your garage helping you bring in your car safely.

This commercial received positive feedback from fans and critics alike, earning praise from both groups alike and winning the Best of Show Gold ADDY award at the American Advertising Awards – marking two wins out of three years from this agency – the other being for a campaign featuring an intimiate burglar warning Facebook users about too much sharing, which could potentially lead to “…something else altogether!”

Dean Winters is best known for his roles on 30 Rock and John Wick; specifically as Avi, Viggo Tarasov’s counselor, personal assistant, and close friend in the former film. Additionally, Winters boasts over 100 TV show and movie credits to his name.

He has made frequent appearances as an annoying celebrity guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as an insurance mascot, which Winters considers one of his best decisions ever.

Allstate’s 2010 campaign revolutionized their fortunes. Prior to these edgy commercials featuring Winters as the destructive insurance character, Allstate was seeing their market share decrease steadily; their traditional ads with 24 actor Dennis Haysbert weren’t helping and other insurers such as Progressive were engaging younger audiences through engaging and humorous business mascots such as Peppy Pig.

Mayhem recently concluded its latest commercial with the promise to be more helpful this year; it will be interesting to see whether their advertising agency keeps this pledge or whether the prankster reverts back to his old ways.

Allstate Insurance

Allstate’s “Mayhem” campaign is an insurance ad series that mixes deadpan humor with big set pieces to make their product engaging and enjoyable for viewers. Starring actor Dean Winters as Mayhem, this series has quickly become one of the most memorable in recent history. Winters portrays an aggressive force which causes destruction to people’s property but reminds viewers how vital insurance coverage is in protecting assets and family.

Allstate Insurance Company has long relied on television commercials to promote its wide array of products and services, such as auto and home insurance policies. Alongside television spots, radio spots, print ads, and their website; Allstate offers customers information about policies as well as quotes for policies available from them.

Allstate Insurance Company has employed Mayhem to attract younger audiences and compete with other insurance providers such as Progressive and Geico. Leo Burnett Worldwide created this ad campaign featuring Harvey Keitel’s character from Reservoir Dogs (1992). Allstate saw its market share increase significantly as a result, which had been decreasing due to rival Progressive’s popular advertising mascot Flo.

Winters has not only played Mayhem in Allstate Insurance commercials, but he is a seasoned actor and stuntman as well. He has appeared in multiple movies and television shows such as Battle Creek (CBS). Additionally, he played Ryan O’Reily in HBO prison drama Oz and has had roles on 30 Rock, Sex and the City and Law and Order:SVU.

His work can also be heard as the voice for video games and commercials, including the iconic John Wick franchise. His acting and stuntwork have earned him fame; perhaps most notably for playing Mayhem in that franchise.

Mayhem has developed a cult following among fans, who even created an official Twitter account dedicated to him. Although his presence had been missed since mid-2020, Allstate recently announced it will bring Mayhem back into their 2020 commercials with destructive ways that encourage viewers to compare quotes from multiple insurers.